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Balance control?
paulgardner  You've received a lot of good advice yet still have an imbalance problem . Do you hear an imbalance with mono records ? Do your classical symphony records have the correct orientation ? Dealing with this problem for some time ? Wh... 
Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Fun reading ,  Pacific Stereo  on Broadway in Chicago about 1974 , I walked back and forth between Midwest Stereo about a half dozen times listening and then bargaining . Ended up with Sony 6065 receiver , Dual 1229 TT , Ampex cassette deck and ... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Yasmin Williams   Urban Driftwood  If you like John Fahey and Leo Kottke then you might like the guitar playing of Ms. Williams .  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
bleske Great album , I saw him for the first time in the early 70's at the Quite Knight in Chicago . I have almost all of his albums !  
Amp Internal Wire
If you replace the AC power wiring use a larger gauge . Also you have 2@  5 x 20 fuses in your IEC connector that are probably glass , you should replace them also with ceramics , Bussmann or Littelfuse .    
Amp Internal Wire
Nice Work Great pictures , one suggestion replace the glass fuses with ceramic ones .    
Which arms share the Rega Geometry?
AudioMods , Moth and Mitchell tonearms have the 222mm pivot to spindle length Check out vinyl engine for other tonearms if you would consider used arms .    
Amp Internal Wire
rickysnit I used Cardas chassis wire and their solder , also their speaker binding post and RCA connectors .   9.5 awg from board to speaker posts !  and 20 awg from rca connectors to board .  Cardas is harder to work with than most because you h...'s another tweak that really works
deecee " actually I like the effect after a few plays of music " I've noticed the same , thought it was just me .'s another tweak that really works
Ayre  CD disc. "Irrational but Efficacious!". I also use the Cardas Frequency Sweep & Burn-in record .    
Best fuses for under $50?
robertsong $50 each ? I have 7 fuses on my amp , the most expensive is a Furutech as the main fuse , then I use 2  HiFi tuning fuses on the signal inputs and finally 4 bussman ceramic fuses on the power rails .  Total cost under $100 , but I di... 
Thiel Owners
thieliste I installed Cardas silver/rhodium with gold nuts , or CCGR posts . This was one of the first things I did during the upgrade , I didn't notice a difference , maybe if it was the last thing done then possibly a difference could be hear... 
Ever Damage A Stylus Using Cleaning Brush?
prof From your description of the incident I going to say that your cartridge is OK and to guess that when the brush stroke when higher than normal that you cleaned of a speck of dirt that could have been the culprit collecting the dust bunnies .... 
Thiel Owners
theaudiotweak a brass door panel and new box are both great ideas but to expensive to explore , but you now have me thinking about trying to use MuMetal on the door and/or fuse panel .  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
@mammothguy54   I happy to hear the music brings back enjoyable memories to you also.  In Chicago the fireworks were over the lake a great black background , I enjoyed them from the late 60's thru the late 80's . @bkeske You forgot sitting on ...