Best Speaker under 31 inches tall

I want to put a speaker on top of the refrigerator...Its 31.5 inches to the ceiling...I'm running Gershman RX 20 for
my main speakers..Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Taking the question into consideration, my "final answer" would be Bose 901's. Sean
no sean bose 901s with cerwin vega 26 inch woofers.
I'm intrigued.........

Why would you ever need/want to put a speaker on top of a refridgerator?? If you do, should you worry about shielding?? Vibration?? I guess not, thus why the prior responses are so cynical!
kennyt is right. sean & kirk, you guys are really impolite. so tony, let me make sure i've got your configuration down. you want a center channel only for the top of the fridge, which you apparently use as a very clever ht monitor? i'd just get another gershman and turn it sideways. cut off the overhang and cover the scar with decorative paper. see -cfb
Shame on you Sean! Everyone at this web-site knows "BOSE" is a four letter word. Even people that don't frequent this web-site know "BOSE" is a four letter word. As a matter of fact, I pity anyone who thinks "BOSE" is anything more or less than a four letter word. Hope this helps:~)
Replace your fridge with two small dormitory models 18-24" tall. Use some quality spikes to spkie them to the floor. I would then get a few pouds of blu-tak to isolate them form the speakers. You now have a symetrical setup and have plenty of vertical room to set up your speakers. You could still use your Gershmans, but I would recommend using a large sattelite subwoofer system. This would be aesthetically more appealing and having the subwoofer off in a corner would keep the bass off the fridge and hopefully save your eggs from the threat of getting scrambled.
I would reccomend a beautiful pair of Sonus Faber Concertina monitors, a beatiful Walnut and leather clad Italian beauty that would not embarrass any fine kitchen appliance. To add some serious bass to this I would tuck a REL subwoofer of in a corner.
I know this is a lot to consider but it truly is the only way to meld the sonic performance you are looking for (Imaging, soundstage and detail) with a major kitchen appliance. The fridge being the obvious choice and I applaud you for it the oven would prove an obvious hazzard and the dishwasher is just plain to noisy. I would recommend auditioning a few different fridges and seeing which on best compliments your speaker of coice. I would strongly recommend carpeting the front door of the fridge to cut back on any unwanted time smearing reflections.
Bon Appetite
Hello...This is a serious inquiry...although I have to laugh
at the comments...Actually I have two places for is no problem...but the other has to go on top
of the refrigerator...I'm actually running two receivers
off of this amp,pre amp tuner....with one receiver using the AUX to control the volume and balance..independently from my main system...I like them up high...It gives a much fuller,rich,sound...the second receiver goes to a Klipch Mark 2 15" subwoofer....and the third receiver goes to a small subwoofer for a little extra bass boost...if i want it..It just gives me so much more control over the sound...
More...Right now I'm using a pair of GENESIS that are 29 in. tall...they were made in the mid to late 80's and have an
extended bass...with sweet mids and nice tweeter...but I'm always looking to upgrade...Here in New Hampshire its hard
to find any hi end I decided to ask to will narroiw my search...thanks tony
why dump the genesis? or why not just get some speakers you can hang? that way you wont have to worry about your oj rattling around.
cut some circular holes in the fridge and install high quality drivers directly to the fridge. The volume is large enough to give you deep bass. You could mount the tweeter and midrange up in the freezer and have them in a completely different chamber, very high end ala b&w nautilus. THe random placement of food whithin would break up any internal reflections. I would damp the door and take care to secure anything that rattles. With two full size fridges you could create a monstrous sound and thing of all the storage, you wouldn't have to go shopping for weeks.
To add to Chelillingworth's concept, drill another hole in the fridge door for the beer tap. A quarter barrel will fit nicely or, if your pressed for space, a pony will work if your friends from Milwaukee don't show up. Sonically, a premium, full-bodied beer would be better. Don't get anything harsh or watered down as it will be reflected in the sound quality and anyone listening to your system will know you bought cheap beer.
Lots of laughs....but no concrete information....
Tony, You will figure it out. It seems obvious you need some sort of center speaker turned on it's side to sit in that space. I always recommend going with the same brand speakers all the way around the room. If this is not possible at least try to match the brand on your mains (L/R) Every speaker manufacturer usually makes a couple different sizes for there center channel.

Once purchased see if you can add a shelf of some sort over the refrig, as not to pick up unwanted vibration from direct placement atop your ice-box. If you have to go to another brand speaker what ever you do DON'T BUY *BOSE* Good luck:~)
glen ; why not; bose is the best speaker on the face of the earth. the mids wow the highs , and the bass down to 150 hz flat. man. i want a pair. cutting holes in the frig. arranging the food. i almost died laughing chelillingworth. that was the best response ever. ok what is your budjet tony? i would try to use a jm lab micro utopia or mini but that is not cheap.
I would only add, that a local craft beer in growlers, arranged in a golden ratio configuration inside the fridge will lift the veil. Perhaps a bespoke flax based IPA.
My beer? Shaken, not stirred (always by hand).

New thing buy stereo according to size not sound no way to shop.
Perfect solution
One of the small Definitive Tech monitors would certainly fit the bill.
There is a pair of D.T. Mythos on sale here on A'gon for only $200.
The woud be perfect for a Kitchen sound system.
Tony, I had Genesis speakers throughout the 80's and loved them. They're what got me into hi fi. They were made in New England I recall. There's a guy keeping them alive and bought all the spare parts from the manufacturer. If you do a Google search you can find it along with all the specs of the different speaker models. 

Living in New Hampshire you have who I heard tonight might have my new pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus in Tiger Ebony. These would fit on top of your fridge although that's a lot of money to spend for speakers to place on top of your fridge.
I would recommend JBL Jubals as they are the  tastiest  looking short speakers ever made..  I would store my bamboo steamer next to it to finish off the aesthetics. Then figure out a way to add a 4th receiver into the mix to really get make that kitchen sing.  Maybe mount some Pioneer 6x9s in some some frying pans for the full culinary experience......  If only Kenmore had a matching speaker for the ultimate kitchen/

all laughs aside try to find some old JBL..... Jubal is a serious speaker that fits your dimensions if this is really a serious thread. 
I would be concerned about the refrigerator if it has an ice maker. I had placed a speaker on my refrigerator once and when the ice maker turned on, which happens automatically especially after I have been drinking martini's, it seems that the flow of water through the fridge caused an anomaly to the sound which I would have some difficulty describing. 
I am sorry what was the question again, where is Wolf when I need him.