LS speaker 5-inches Lower than the RS

I moved to a place with less than the ideal conditions to set up the front speakers. The left side (LS) speaker is seating 5 inches lower than the right side (RS) speaker because of the way the living room was constructed. Both speakers are on a stand (Sony SS-M7). What will suffer with such an unusual setup? Your suggeation will be highly appreciated without looking unsightly? How far apart should the front speakers be apart for a good stereo imaging?

An interesting question. Since gravity doesn't affect sound, if your listening position also had the same incline it might be fine. And if your walls were built with the same care, you may have a good listening room there. If not your are messing the geometry the designer had in mind, and among the setup revisions you might want to try would be a block and shims to bring the tops of both speaker stands level and at the same height.
Thanks, I will try a block and shims and spray paint it black to match the stands. It may not look the way I want, but at least the top of both speakers will be close to the same same height.