Shindo 301 plinth demensions L x H x D in inches

I'm interested in constructing a Shindo 301 plinth and I need the original demensions(L x H x D in inches).

The height info that I need to know is the total height of the plinth(no spikes) and the total height without the smaller base on the bottom.

I knew the smaller base under the plinth is a piece of hardwood. Do u know what kind is it ?

Hi edle,

Just read your post while doing a little "surfing" this evening.  If you're still desiring this info, the dimensions are:

22" L x 17-3/8 D x 4" D

The D is the plinth height without the smaller base on the bottom nor the ball-bearing footers that come with the TT.   I'm not sure what the material of the smaller base is, possibly layers of cherry, but perhaps your local Shindo dealer could better answer that question. 

Happy Listening,