Best Pre with a built-n phono section?

I’m wondering if there is a preamp out there that has a great built in phono section. Due to space limitations, I’d rather not go the separate pre / phono pre route. Associated equipment: Spectron Musician IIISE MK II amp, Magnepan 3.6 speakers, Electrocompaniet CD Player, Nottingham Ace TT with a Benz Glider H2 cartridge (2.5 mV output.) I would probably need to go SS pre; I could use a tubed pre if the heat out put was minimal. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
Two of the best:
Atma-Sphere MP-1
Aesthetix Io or Eclipse with optional volume controls
Cary SLP98P minimum cart output for MC is(or should be put out by cart) 1.4mV so your Benz would work fine. I have the Cary and it runs very cool. Dual mono 4 6sn7's 2 ax7'a 2 au7's. I uaed a Dynavector 10x5 MC but now use Linn Adikt MM 6.5mV One main volume control and 2 seperate balance controls. Good luck.
Jeff Rowland Capri
The solid state Ayre K-1xe, (which I own and use), has a near reference quality phono stage. The heat output seems to be near nil, (I've never noticed it being even warm), however, I will state that this unit does have a separate small power supply box, in addition to the main unit itself. (I bring that up as you stated you are pressed for space.) Used this runs around $4-5K, (and that is the only way it is available, as it is out of production).

Other preamps that I have researched and think would be slightly better, (and more expensive of course), would be the tubed Atma-sphere MP-1, Mk. 3.1, and the solid state Halcro DM-10. Both are reputed to have reference quality phono stages. However, both are also on the large side, as the MP-1 is a dual box preamp, and the DM-10 is taller than most, (all?), of the preamps I know of. Used these run around $7-8K, and new it is about double that.

Note: All three of these preamps can accomodate, (and prefer), a balanced input from the cartridge. (FYI, I use the balanced input on my Ayre as well.)

Good luck in your search!
Shindo - The best model you can afford. Incredibly musical preamps and phono sections, and minimal heat output.
Another contender for your criteria is the the Nagra PLP. It's tube, but runs cool. Also the Nagra PLL and VPS (separate pre and phono) but might work due to small size. I"ve personally heard the Aesthetix (Io, Io Eclipse, Rhea and Jupiter) and the Halco DM 10.

All are excellent.
Strong second to J135 on the Jeff Rowland Capri.
Audion Quattro 4-Box with an octet of NOS Heerlen plant 6922's.
Hovland HP100MC or HP200MC. I believe they run relatively cool.
Allen Wright's RealTime RTP-3D (Vacuum State Electronics) is a very realistic sounding preamp, to say the least. Superb phono section.

If you can afford it, you would be buying a preamp that has been carefully refined over 25 years by one of the best designers in audio. I remember listening to one of the early versions in Sydney in the early '80s, and more recently, the latest version at VSE in Schaffhausen.

Sadly, Allen passed away recently but his majestic preamp lives on.

Here's a nice comparison with the Kondo.

The CAT Legend,hands down the finest all in one pre-amp out there.

The Hafler DH-110 and DH-101 both have a superb phono section in stock form and they can be modified by Musical Concepts and Van Alstine to be even better. They are also very cheap to buy and they are solid state so no heat involved. The other suggestions are nice pieces but still expensive even used.
i have owned the copland 301 for years. it is a tubed unit with a fantastic phono stage that is a true giant killer. i just recently replaced it with separated and am not decided yet on whether i will sell it or not. i may just keep it for the phono stage alone because it is so good.
your cartridge output would be fine. i was using a benz H20 with it.
The Manley Steelhead is a very good choice, also the Line Preamp from Stan Klyne, Model 7 with Phono Stage, excellent sound, adjustable for a lot of cartridges and the preamp also has 2 gain pots for all kind of connected amps. When you look for a remote, Jeff Rowland had some years ago an excellent Preamp with Phono for the money, the Consonance. Also adjustable for cartridges and it can be found for small money. I think, they can still be serviced from JR.
I'm very happy with the Marantz SC-11S1 pre I recently bought. MC and MM phono (I'm using my Benz Wood SL into it), remote, 6 RCA and 2 XLR inputs. It sounds wonderful, and is well reviewed. List is $3K, but it should be available new for a bit less, or used here for less than $2K
The CAT preamps are very, very good tube units, and I believe that the Legend is currently the best iteration (I owned a Mk. III many years ago).

Sound quality aside, downsides are excessively high output, which reduces the range on the volume control with sensitive amps (e.g., 9 O'Clock position is already loud and 11 O'Clock is super loud), no remote, and a hard-wired power supply connected by a stiff, thick umbilical cord that is unwieldy.

Th phono stage works with MC's down to 0.4 mv. output without problem - MC's with lower outputs require especially low-noise tubes.

Only the very top preamps are better.
I much enjoy the Jadis JP-80MC, with mods and Tele's throughout. Excellent delineation, very extended and yet almost as mid-range-magical as before the mods. I find it does require step-up with cart. below 0.4 output.
I've owned many preamps and have no desire to switch since I've owned a Shindo (other than upgrading to higher end Shindos). Expensive but worth it. Hand made and tuned by an Artisan who has been at his craft for over 3 decades.
There is no "BEST" and really the rest are only opinions but that being said there still have been some great ideas provided by others, I would suggest you add VAC to your list.
Try a used Hovland HP-100.
I happen to love my Wright WPL-20. All tube including power supply. Little objectionable heat issues. Adjustable gain for phono section. They occasionally come up on the used market as Geaorge died a few years ago. :(
Thank you to all the hunt is on. Is anyone familiar with what Van Alstine offers in terms of a pre w/ phono? They have an excellent reputation for value and build quality, but I wonder what they sound like.