Best Powerchord for DIGITAL sources? what are you.

I am sure you know that some of these chords can change the sound of your system significantly. Looking for a high quality power chord for digital that could "smooth" things down. Just for my source - using Audience at the moment.

Please do suggest Power chords only since I like the full chain I have and dont plan to move from that.

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I added a Purist Anniversary power cord to my Emm Labbs DCC2 Se and it was as though I had added a new piece of equipment. Truly extraordinary. The LE version of this cable is also terrific particularly if you have noise on your AC line. Good luck
Foundation Research power cable has a built in filter that is incredible on digital front ends. It also prevent the back flow of digital contamination from re-entering your mains.
Four words...Synergistic Research Tesla Hologram D...Simply Amazing
Among the best of the best...

Regards Bacardi
K-Works empowered cord if you can find one is excellent for digital front ends.
Elrod EPS 2S. Still haven't heard anything better from removing the digititis from CD's and making them sound like music.

Magnan super bronze or Magnan new ac. It is like another Ayre MP FILTER upgrade for comparison.MAGNAN SIGNATURE POWER CABLE & POWER CONDITIONER
Our research has finally led to an understanding of the most important interactions of AC power and audio systems, and to identifying the most important parameters in AC current and voltage filtering. The result is the new Magnan Signature power cable design.

This revolutionary power cable dramatically improves all sonic parameters - there is much greater resolution, image focus, dynamics, weight and impact, along with a much quieter background. CD playback is most improved, due to the particular sensitivity of digital timing jitter to noise on AC power.

These qualities result from application of the same principles of high time coherence/low skin effect and mechanical micro-vibrational damping as in our other cable products. In this new design it was found to be unnecessary to incorporate additional passive EMI filtering in the cable.
In my experience, improves cd, tuner, cable box & Tv sound.
Synergistic Research Hologram D- simply amazing and plain to hear upon first listen. Closes the gap between analouge and digital.
I had big success using Stealth Dream digital version and Jorma Prime; amazing cables.
Kops, I also love the Stealth Dream series cords. However, the OP was looking for a digital power cord to "smooth things down". I would not recommend the Dream in that case. While I felt the Dream was musical, IME it was also very revealing.
Pardon me but...the question you have asked can get you in trouble !!!
A good power cord should perform well on any equipment. Any power cord which shows favoritism to any particular type of equipment or if a designer claims that a flawed design to start with. Its a not a faithful cord IMO. It has flaws due to which it cannot work on certain type of equipments and if you claim those flaws would have no negative impact on certain other type of equipments (say a digital source) I would say "Whom are you fooling" !!

Friend, I would sincerely suggest you not try and find a cord which works for digital only.

I have heard the ESP Reference cord and it sounds terrific on all kinds of equipments. Its a well designed power cord...thats it !!
not exactly sure what "smooth things down" means but i am guessing you are looking for something on the warm, dark and musical side. tara labs matches that very well so "the one" or if you want to spend a bit more, onyx is very good. these are super warm, detailed and magical imagry. a similar cable would be isoclean superfocus which has a spooky staging effect and again, warm and musical. a little different but still very smooth would be the mit oracle ac1. not a match for every piece of gear as it has an inline filter but if it does fit, it is pretty special. the ac1 will give you the absolute quietest noise floor which etches sounds super tight and detailed but still in a smooth way (vs nordost which has similar impact but forward and hard).

these are the ones i would recommend and use at the moment. pc's can be tricky...
Nordost Valhalla and Elrod Statement are the two best I have used, and I have tried almost all the big names. I know the Valhalla elicits emotional reactions on the IC side widely , but I find the PC (of which I have two) more balanced and full bodied, while maintaining detail and speed like the IC's.

The Elrod simply does everything right and is my favorite. The only downside is it is as big as a boa constrictor and a giant pain to dress, so I can only use one in my system.

To me, Acoustic zen absolute cables is one of the greatest in bang-for-the-bug terms,

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