Best amplifier and preamp for klipsch heresy 3

I am searching for the best solid state amplifier for klipsch heresy 3 and an oppo bdp83 blu ray player.My room is a 12x10 with hardwood floors.I AM CURRENTLY USING AN NAD C370 INTEGRATED AMP AT 120 watts per channel.does anyone know if the 375bee is an improvement over the 370,also looking at Pass,B&K,Aragon,Odyssey Stratos,Mcintosh,Krell,Bryston,and parasound.Would greatly appreciate any suggestions on these or any other amplifiers that matches good with these speakers.
I have had a few nad amps and a few klipsch models and the 375 bee is an improvement for sure and would be a good choice. But do you really need that much power? I would think you could drive the Hereseys with a much lower watt amp-maybe the nad 326bee or 355bee. Or, a McCormack amp/pre amp would be a good choice-I really like the DNA series-I had a ADL pre and DNA .5 and my speakers sang. If you are even mildly interested in tubes-I cant urge you enough to try a Jolida intergrated amp with the Hereseys-60 watts per side will drive the Hereseys as loud as you want. I am a big fan of the Hereseys and if I were getting an amp I would go for the Jolida hands down.
I don't think you need a lot of power for those, especially if you use a tube amp, which many seem to like with these Klipsch.

If not tubes, were it me, I would look at a good, 100 watt or so Class D amp, like the smaller and less expensive Wyreds or Bel Cantos.

I'd stick with my ARC sp16 for a pre-amp but I'm sure other good tube pre-amps would work fine.

For tube gear, I would be looking at some of the Manley products for good quality and value as well.
I agree with the responses above. The Klipsch Heritage line sounds great with tubes. But if you're not a tube guy, your NAD should work great. I have paired vintage Sansui & Luxman SS amps and receivers with KG4s, Heresys, Chorus et al, and have always been pleased.

The NAD 375BEE would be a great integrated with your H3's, but so would a 355BEE which is a few hundred dollars cheaper. 80 real watts/channel is plenty of juice to cleanly power your Heresy III's to reference levels. I think the NAD integrateds will bring out the very best your Klipsch have to offer.

Thanks for your responses,the 370 is engaging at times but seems like someone is holding a pillow on the speakers,a dull sound at times,thought maybe there was another brand that would really open them up and make them sing.I spoke to MR. Bunge at Odyssey Audio and he assured me his amplifier would match very well with the Heresys.A very nice gentleman who was very enthusiastic about his amplifier.I also heard good things about Aragon with the Klipsch,and also Pass Labs and B&K, wish i could audition all of them to see what the best sound to my ears would be.Might go with solid state amp and tube preamp.
Another vote for tubes here, though if you want to stay solid state, you won't do too much better than that NAD in it's price range.
I was just thinking I bet a Jolida FX10 integrated could make some very nice music on the HEresies for less than $500.

I heard this unit at a show driving a pair of Nola monitors and it was making some very good music! DRiving teh Klipsch should be a piece of cake in comparison.
Curious, if your speakers sound like you are holding a pillow over them then I doubt that you have an amp problem (unless your amp is faulty). More likely is that either:

1- You might need to rebuild or replace the crossovers. Doesn't seem likely for a Heresy III, but it's possible. It is a fairly inexpensive process and it's very easy to do. It is also possible that one of your drivers or midrange diaphrams are damaged.

2- Maybe the Klipsch Heritage sound is just not for you. Compared to many modern speaker designs, the classic Klipsch sound is a little darker and more liquid (wetter?).

How does your amp sound with a different set of speakers (non-Klipsch)? If OK, then you need to look at one of the other possibilities.
My speakers work fine,they are new i think i just need to upgrade my integrated to seperates.
I wonder if the 275/165 combo seperates would sound better than the 375bee integrated with the klipsch heresy 3.Or a tube preamp with the 275 power amp would be better.Any thoughts?

I sell Jolida, and Klipsch. Been messing with audio gear for years. The Heresy III speakers really only need about 5wpc to drive to any reasonable volume. Lower powered amps always sound the smoothest. Back in the day most of the best gear- Marantz, Pioneer, etc. made amps and receivers in the 25wpc to 45wpc.  A 100+ wpc SS amp is way overkill for these. and you are just sucking juice from the wall socket. A Jolida FX10 amp, JD301BRC, or JD102CRC would work great. You can check out DECWARE amps- they make a 6wpc class A tube amp that would work great. If you insist on SS look at less then 75wpc, or even less than 50wpc. Yamaha might be good choice. Or Rega Brio R or PS Audio Sprout. Low powered amp with clean, smooth sound. The Jolida JD301BRC 30wpc hybrid amp with level one upgrade will sound better than either NAD mentioned- I would give you a money back guarantee on that. a 20wpc amp hooked to these would achieve volumes able to shake the pictures off my walls.

a Yamaha AS301 might sound better with these than either NAD mentioned. Get one of the Jolida amps and be real happy. And use less electricity. Bob Anderson

A low- to mid-wattage vintage Audio Research tube amp (Maybe a D76 or D79) with an Audio Research tube preamp (SP-6, SP-9, SP-10) would be a good combination with the Heresy III. 

If you really want to try something interesting, try a Dynaco ST-70 or a pari of Dynaco Mk III amps.  Stock, the sound can be very nice.  Modified, these can be quite good.  With the right tube complement  Both have more than enough power for the Heresy's.  VERY VINTAGE.
Have you considered Primaluna. I auditioned the H3's with my Primaluna HP integrated and was sold on the combo. I did not hear that dull sound you mentioned. A very nice match IMO.
A friend of mine has a set of older Heresy's (mid 80s). Though the IIIs are somewhat better, they are very similar to the originals as I understand. We have driven his version to loudness levels beyond what was comfortable with an NAD 326BEE. That said I believe these speakers are best served by the the more classic tube sound (EL34 type). Regarding a balance between sound quality and budget, I don't believe these speakers command amplification beyond ~$2000 price point.

My friend has driven them with a current version of the Dynaco ST-70 and said they sounded wonderful (I was not present). However, we also plan on driving them with an original version of this amp I had recently refurbished. I will have to get back to everyone on this.

If I owned these speakers I would choose to drive them with a tube integrated. I would consider Jolida or Prima Luna 35wpc integrateds. If going separates and wanted SS drive, I would pair a SS amp with a tube pre. The Odyssey would be a good choice however supplies more power than needed. I don't consider this a problem however as long as one can use the pre at appropriate gain levels.
Ive ran bigger klipsch with Odyssey amplifiers , not because they needed it, just had them so hooked it up.  I would go that route, when you get sick of the klipsch horn sound you will have an amplifier capable of driving about any speaker.   To get the classic klipsch sound you should be looking at low power tube amplifiers , 2a3c would be on my short list.