Best 27' speaker stands?

For the first time in 30 years, I getting a pair of small monitor speakers, the LSA1s, and need speaker stands. I have not kept up with reviews or opinions about which are the most favored speaker stands. The new LSA1 weigh 24 pounds each. Since the speakers cost $2500, I really don't want quite expensive stands.
Skylan stands ::;Very nice guy to deal with..Quality stands and great reviews.........
I've owned Skylan. I now have Sound Anchors. Yes, Skylan's Noel is a sweet guy. Yes, the non-metal concept is intriguing. But...the Sound Anchor stands are just plain better.
Lindisfarne, I have two Sound Anchor equipment racks in my storage room dating from at least twenty years. I had forgotten about them. Thanks for the advice.
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Lindisfarne, they're better as in they sound better? If so, how do they sound better?
Call Ty at Tyler Acoustics (after visiting his web site) and he'll build the dimensions you'd prefer to have. If you want substantial speaker stands ....
Glitch947, I suspect that Lindisfarne prefers the sound of steel to MDF.
Just curious, but what does steel sound like? And MDF in comparison?
Steel has a higher resonant frequency unless you dampen it with sand or lead. MDF would dampen the sound generally, but many other factors, such as the weight of the speakers and the nature of the floor would affect this all.
Tbg, That must be one tall listening room to accommodate a 27' tall stand!!!! ;~)
Short speakers. LSA1s.
Fuggediboudit, I was ragging on you for 27' instead of 27".
Norm, out of the price range you want but Sistrum stands are unbelievable.
Guys, are you talking about the three post Sistrums? If so, what is the distance between the front two posts? And how far back is the back post from the line between the front two? I wonder if my speakers will even fit on them. Thanks.
The Sistrum's (monitor stand) front points adjust from 6"-8". The front points to the rear adjust from 6"-12" deep.
Thanks, Irish65, that is the information I needed. I would have thought they would provide that on their webpage, but I could not find it.
They have more than one monitor stand. I have the one Emailists has. I also have their new Stage monitor stand made out of solid brass.
They are a must audition stand for monitors.

Could you provide more info about the Stage? Is it the same configuration as the 20" stand or is it a low stand like the picture of the Stage amp stand I saw from when they showed it an a show a while back? I'd love to see a picture of this. I am a complete Sistrum convert. I have thier Sp-1 stand under my turntable and it made quite an improvement.

The Sistrum speaker stand I have is a bit customized. My speaker's depth was too small to hit the back point so I bought an additional top plate and point so the back point could be slid in closer than the back column.

you can see the picture in my virtual system

I would eventually like to get their whole equipment rack. I'm waiting for the cheaper verion of the Stage rack to come out.
Irish65, I have looked for information on the Stage monitor stands but cannot find any. Can you give me an address? Also I see two different monitor stands. One has just three verticle posts. The other has a connection between the posts at the top. Which do you and Emailist have?
atlantis pro stands are great heavy duty stands.
Tbg & Emailist,

I will try to answer your questions as best I can. Here is the link
The SPK series is what my previous monitor stand was. On their web site you see the bottom plate (sp-004) but no top plate. Emailist's and my stands have the top plate identical to the bottom plate.
On the link I provided the bottom stands are the Stage series stands. As good as the SPK series are the Stage series is a significant leap forward in performance and price.
The brass Stage stand I have is the one in the photo. Star Sound is finalizing a complete brass version in which I have reserved.
I also have their Stage amp stands and two tier Stage rack. The two tier rack weighs in at over 106 lbs of solid brass. The science and technology behind this product is amazing. I have the prototype version, but from what Robert is saying @ Star Sound their final version will be displayed at CES in Jan. 08.
I do not want to hype any manufacturers products, but wait to you hear what the Stage products can do.
I have been having fun with the Stage monitor stands and have been using various monitors to see what the Stage brings to the sonic table. Well, can you say dynamics,dynamics,dynamics.
You both may email me if you would like to discuss further.
Irish65, so the brass stands at the bottom are the Stage stands, but Emailist has one of the top stands with an added top plate. Also it is the bottom, Stage, units that allow the flexibility to go from 6-8" left and right and 6-12" back? What will the all brass stand add, just brass top and bottom plates? What is the black material?

I must admit that I have heard these products at shows, but saw them as not technically advanced. Some people before have said they really like them, but I blew them off as not very experienced.
Irish 65 thanks for the info.

TBG, The top black/bottom plates are steel.

I believe they are also going to release a steel plate version
of the stage rack (but with brass rods) at some point to hit a lower
price point, as the Stage is something like $7000 retail per shelf.
Emailist, why so expensive? Brass is not that expensive.
The SPK series stand has the flexibility to go from 6-8" left to right and 6-12" from front to back. It will accommodate most monitors. The Stage series has much more flexibility.
The black material (SPK series) is some sort of steel that has a powder coat finish.
Aren't the LSA1s very similar to the Von Schweikert VR-1s? If so, I highly recommended the VR stands. I owned a pair when I had my VR-1s, and they were both very solid and very stylish for not much money. There are a couple pairs sale right now - no connection with the seller.


I too was shocked when I heard the price. I was looking to get a 6 tier rack.

That would only set me back $42,000. I have enough gear for 2 rack probably.

When talking with Robert at Starsound he indicated that the purity and machining of brass they use is unlike almost any other in the audio biz.

They have really broken this down to a science, and the metalurgy is crucial to the effectiveness. I have read their credits on thier site about the scientific background of their rather large team of scientists, designers and fabricators.

These people are serious! To call them just a stand seems like a huge understatement.

You can read their white papers here.

I would like to see other manufacturers utilizing some of their products and designs inside componenent where they could be even mor eeffective than simply sitting on a stand. I in fact am going to try to modify my MA-1 amps internally using Sistrum products. You can clearly tell I have drunk the cool-aid on this one.
Check out Anvil from the UK
I thank everyone for their taking the time to help me. I had heard the LSA1s that I am buying at the RMAF on Kosmic Audio stands. John Tucker asked why did I not use them as I liked the speakers on them. I thought he was right.