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Best sub 4000 dollar standmount.
Correction- the ad is up here on audiogon for the TP Minis. For the asking price I would be VERY surprised if speakers could be beaten by even $2500 monitors, or even more expensive ones. They are really something special 
Best sub 4000 dollar standmount.
The SP Tech's are predominantly US as far as I know, they are definitely a boutique shop at the moment. I have a pair of the Timepiece Minis and they go easily down to 40hz and a bit lower in my smallish room, they LOVE power amps with lots of jui... 
Best sub 4000 dollar standmount.
SP Technology Timepiece Minis. Check out the SP Technology circle over at Audiocircle, I have them and can't say enough good things about them, and neither can the owners of them or their bigger brother, the Timepiece 3.0's. Either of these would ... 
Looking for a small bedroom amp
A used Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 cannot be beaten in this application, in my opinion. 
Any high-efficiency bookshelf spkrs
Zu Tones. 
Which Cables for SET Amp
Zu cables. At least- thats my answer, to your particular question, to which anybody and everybody will answer differently. 
Best 27' speaker stands?
Just curious, but what does steel sound like? And MDF in comparison? 
Best 27' speaker stands?
Lindisfarne, they're better as in they sound better? If so, how do they sound better? 
Best sub/sat for 600.00 or under?
Without a doubt, Onix X series. That is, assuming he has a receiver or integrated amp to run them from... 
Zu Tones with Druid Drivers
Hey Smeyers, I was actually considering asking Sean about doing this when I shipped my Tones to them for break-in a month or so again but I figured it would be too costly. How much did the driver-swap cost? This is something I might consider the n... 
Best MONITORS availables
Zu Audio Tones. 
Looking for a summer time amp
Something with ICE power? I used to use a Bel Canto S300i and it ran so cool you could hardly tell it was on. I imagine this is the same for most class D amps. 
Best sounding floor speaker for under $1500???
I could put a third vote in for the Ohm's, specifically the 100 Series III's. I have had these for a few months now in a smaller-size listening room and I could not ask for more for the money. 
IEC to a 2 prong-wire amp
If you don't want to mess around too much and get your hands dirty, this may be the easy solution. I've no experience with it myself, but I bookmarked this page in case I ever needed one. 
Walsh Ohm 100 MKII; anybody owned these?
Received the Walsh 2's with series 3 drivers yesterday, exactly 7 days after I ordered them from John- thats pretty damn fast. Packing was very, very secure, a triple-boxed setup that ensured everything arrived without a scratch on it. I am runnin...