How to fill speaker stands

OK, so now that I've got the playground sand, how do I get it into my speaker stands? I'm envisioning a big mess, with more sand on the floor than inside the stand post if I don't come up with a good plan. Is there a trick? Some kind of funneling device? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
-- Howard
Firstly, this is an outside or in the garage job. Use a large Pyrex measuring cup to scoop from the bag and slowly pour into the top of the columns while gently shaking the pillar to move the sand into the hole. Keep doing it until about half of the column is full.

Great debate ensues as to how full to fill each column. Many say all the way will kill too much of the speaker energy dulling the dynamics. You can always experiment with filling and emptying after listening to results.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not forget to remove all moisture trapped within the sand. The easiest way is to bake the sand in a Pyrex or pan in the oven for 20-30 min at 200 with occasional stirring. Let cool afterwards. Don't touch. VERY HOT.
That's why I went with kitty litter. Any moisture in the sand and it becomes impossible to work with. Good luck.
If you cut the bottom off a plastic milk jug, you'll have a large funnel. If the posts to be filled are narrower than the milk jug opening, maybe a 2 liter soda bottle? John
Even a standard funnel designed for motor oil(suggest using a brand new one)will work as it will have a narrower opening. Try to find one where the opening is not too narrow or you will be all day trying to get the sand to move through it into your stands. I have found that an even better solution than straight sand is a mixture of lead shot and sand. Number nine lead shot works well and can be found at any store that carries shotguns and the like. The reason you combine it with sand is that even small lead shot will leave a small amount of air between the pellets. Using sand fills in the small spaces left between the lead shot pellets. A 60/40(pellets to sand) mixture of this type will offer more mass in a smaller area as compared to sand alone, which will allow you to leave part of the column unfilled if you find that, that sounds better.
I have made my own "funnel" from card stock paper ... shape it, tape it and viola!
Don't use lead!