Are Gran Prix Audio Monaco Stands hot or not?

A few years back, it seemed that everyone was buzzing about Grand Prix Audio's F1 inspired, carbon fibre supported and modular isolation design.

So what happened? It seems like there is little demand to buy these if you look at Audiogon listings and/or auctions.

Are reviewers, manufacturers showing off their latest gear at shows, and thought leading audiophiles still using GPA racks, or is there a new kid on the block?
They are pretty incredible stands.... especially the newer Silverstone...

Sure their is competition...but that doesn't mean Grand Prix is better or worse...

I've seen plenty of gear shown on them at the recent shows...

Are you in the market for a stand?
They are very impressive and to my ears and audition, provide significant improvements over and above Finite Elemente against which I auditioned them.
yeah I agree they are pretty awesome. I personally don't care for the looks so I sold mine and my room now looks much cooler to my eye but does not sound nearly as good as with the racks in place. They are very pricey I believe for what you get which is not much, stainless steel legs carbon triangle connected to it and acrylic shelf with sorbothane discs between. The prices have gone crazy on this stuff. I was able to sell my racks that I had for over 10 years for 2X the price of what I paid 10 years ago. They are far and away the most obvious tweak type isolation device upgrade I have experienced in my audio travels.