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Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Cut the leads as short as possible is the best thing. If that is not an option then use unbleached cotton. I have multiple xover's using all Duelund and I have found this works best. 
Reference 3A line updated
At the moment I am in the process of building an external xover for the deCapo's. I am replacing the Silver /oil Mundorf cap with a Cast CU Duelund. The resister is being replaced with a Duelund Cast silver resister. The internal wiring will also ... 
How do vibrations affect the equipment?
Geoffkait,How does one go about properly isolating an amplifier? 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Vn101606,I would like to hear your feedback regarding the inductors. I use an all Cast xover and found it to be money well spent. 
Mundorf silver /oil /gold vs Duelund CAST
Quad-Man,I have a few pairs of custom speakers with all Scan Speak drivers. I use all Cast Duelund with custom silver ribbon wire. So I am familiar with what you are working with. If I was designing a speaker and the top end was rolled off then th... 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Charles1dad,Like you I chose the Duelund Cast for the same reasons. I wrote my post before Quad man's post was posted. So I have my answer.Mountain-high,Out of the 11 threads you started 10 of them concern dc10audio. If you work for them, or know ... 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Charles1dad,That was my initial thought but thinking upon it further I interpreted their design philosophy to be literal. That led me to think if you want the wood to resonate, then like musical instruments, the metal must also.An appropriate anal... 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Bhobba,That is what makes this hobby so interesting. It is not so much what we agree upon, based on our personal experience. Instead it is the different views and experiences we have.There are so many variables with silver and copper that effects ... 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Charles1dad,I agree. The Cast Cu are an exceptional cap. I mentioned Ag because the question was asked concerning the silver. The question I did not answer was will Cast Cu mate well with Ag wire. That depends on the silver wire. I have never used... 
dc10audio use Duelund CAST capacitor ?
Mountain-high,I have been using Duelund products since 2006. In that time I have tried VSF Cu, VSF Black Cu, Cast Cu, and Cast SIlver. Each time I moved up the Duelund line the sonics improved. When I finally tried the Silver Cast it was hard for ... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Granny,If the Clarity TC caps are too big then try the MUNDORF M-Lytic HV+ Series MLGO+ (Glue-On + 500V & 550V) 4-Pole Electrolytic Capacitors.Parts Connexion has them. 
virtual dynamics new ultra clear interconnects
Glory,Are you saying it was the cost of the material, or lack thereof, that detered you from not liking the sonic character of the UC? 
Review: Harmonic Precision Caravelle Speaker
Tom,Thanks for the update. I agree with Mark that the Caravelle's never received the press it deserved. I wish the best for Robert and Star Sound. Keep us posted or have Robert post his intentions here concerning the Caravelle's. 
Disappointing Evening
What if the tables were turned and you were invited for dinner? Would you be genuinely interested if the hostÂ’s hobbies were coin collecting, ceremonial masks, or rocks?How long could you sit through a discussion about igneous, sedimentary, and me... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
Rfogel8,I thought the same thing about caps compared to inductors. However, in some cases the inductor provides the larger sonic gain. If you decide to use a Cast inductor you will know what I am talking about. The noise is eliminated or at least ...