Belles 150A ref V2 vs Bryston 4BSST2

I need a good power amp. Can anyone kindly advise Belles 150A ref V2 vs Bryston 3 or 4BSST2 sonically ? Both had fabulous reviews. The Bryston is much pricier but does that mean it is a totally different league altogether? Is it fair to compare these 2 ? Does it mean that Belles 150 is no match for the Bryston sonically becos of the price category?
Belles 150A is no match to 4BSST and it's totally different ligue. I'd side-by-side 4BSST with McCormack DNA225, McIntosh MC252, Krell FPB...
Buy the Belles and try it. Probably save you a lot of money. The preamp is more important anyway.
The Bryston 3 and 4's are OK. I've listened to them both. I have heard good things about the Belles but have no experience with it. These are all good, but different sounding products. I would recommend that you listen to some amps before you get one. Just because a reviewer likes something doesn't mean that you will.

Either way, I agree with Jaxwired 100%. The preamp is the more important of the 2 pieces. You can get really good sound if you buy a basic, well designed amp, that has enough power to drive your speakers and buy the best preamp that you can. If you get a cheap preamp, you'll just get caught up buying cables and other types of tweaks without realizing the real weakness in the system.
Marakanetz, are you talking about the 150A Reference (v2) or just the plain 150A -- they are significantly different amps -- and is your opinion based on experience? I've had the 150A Ref v2 and McCormack DNA-1 and the Belles was substantially better.
No I had 150A as a loaner. Fatigue after 10m of listening guaranteed with any speaker it drives.
Just ordered 4BSST2 to go with BP17 preamp
Congratulations Fishing716!

Let us know how you like it. It's a great amp.
I tried 2.5 amp
Very good sound,not enough power or bass to drive my PSB Synchrony's
I don't remember this thread. Kind of a delayed response and looks like to late. Sorry. I own the ref150v2 and have listened to the 4bsst but not the 2 at a dealership. The belles is close to really really neutral, clean, with a no artifacts signal and excellent macro dynamics and micro dynamics. On its leading attacks has just very slightly rounded edges which is a similarity with tube amps. Does not really sound like a tubey amp though because it allows the recording to breathe and come alive so it does not sound extra smooth. It conveys whatever imaging, 3d, space stuff really really well. But that is not why I like it. It works fantastic with my speakers and I don't know how it would work with yours. I would not recommend the ref150av2 if the 4bsst2 doesn't make the power needed. I would go to the Belles Reference350v2 for a little more power. I have to say if you can get a used one it will save you a lot of break in time. Mine has taken about 900hrs to become magical. The Bryston from my hearing it is just a slightly different sound. A couple of things maybe I could say from my recollection is the Bryston maybe punchier but probably not more dynamic and maybe less. And the Belles may be just a very slight less dry of a signal. The Bryston might be just a little better built(5%?) inside and out but the Belles still being extremely well built. So I would say the Belles would be a very good unit to try a see if it would work for you. I have heard your speakers but not with my system. They seemed pretty neutral and in that area would probably be a real good match with Belles. Remember that is just my view.
Bryston has improved over 4BSST w/4BSST2
Less analytical/creamier mids & highs
Not familiar with the Belles 150; but I have been running the Bryston 4BSST 2 and have no complaints; it's a great amplifier. I would purchase another one in a heartbeat! Cheers
It's a solid workhorse amp. It does more good than harm. Is there better, yes of course, but pretty much more expensive. However, I feel the current retail price is a bit high for what the amp does.
Another vote for Bryston.
You don't see the Belles 150a for sale very often and it is relatively inexpensive to purchase but I think it sounds spectacular. One thing to be noted is that it has a very full sound, kind of reminds me of the Odyssey Stratos in that regard. I'm not a big Fan of Bryston bcause I don't think they are very transparent amps & transparency is right at the top of my list.
I find Bryston to be transparent & musical
Compared to others I've had..
Musical Fidelity,etc
I'm a musician,Bryston sounds the most accurate w/no colorations(to me).
However to own Bryston BP17 preamp w/phono+4BSST2 amplifier & optional remote comes to about $10,000
Rather excessive I feel
Well, I will admit that Bryston is not the great knockdown value it once was. However, it is still lower in price compared to quite a few other high end brands out there.
I have a Belles 350A (not Reference model). I think it depends on what you're pairing it with. My preamp is a Joule Electra LA 150 Mk2, and absolutely no fatigue when listening for hours. The Belles in this system is in no way bright, analytical, or harsh, yet detail comes through (of course not to the level of much more expensive amps). I was a professional bass player for years and know bass, due to the Belles damping factor of 1000 it controls woofers extremely well, good deep but not wooly bass (have Salk Soundscape 8 speakers). I can't speak to the Bryston, having never heard one. Hope this helps.
I have owned many solid state amps, Conrad Johnson, Audio
Research, McCormack, Bat, Bryston, etc and some were very good
but the Belles really pulled away from the crowd & stood out
in a positive way. I have not heard that big tall, room
filling sound from no other solid state amp. For myself it was
a revelation. I'm sure that the associated gear can also make
or break ones final decision.
4BSST2 arrived the other day paired w/BP17 preamp & PSB Synchrony one speakers.
Sounds really good & full w/taut bass + Clarity