Bryston 4Bsst2 or 7Bsst2 and Anthony Gallo 3.1

Hello All, new to this incredible forum but I am seeking some guidance. It has been recommended in this forum to use high current amps such as Spectron to partner these speakers. I have the option of acquiring either Bryston amplifiers but I wonder if they have sufficient current to really drive these speakers. Also, what would be a suitable SS preamp? Tube life is a factor since my system streams internet radio as well for at least 8 hours a day. Current system: Music server (windows XP)/Bryston DAC/NAD Silver Series S100/S200 and Anthony Gallo Ref 3.1. Thanks.
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I'm always a more is more person, but with the Gallos, which I owned some years back, I don't think you need more than the 4Bsst2 to make them sing. And they will sing. I really liked those speakers.
Well, having owned (twice now) the Gallo Nucleus Reference (2 "balls", anodized aluminum from a solid aluminum 1 ft. cube block, i.e. ceramic/no energy storage) I'd like to hear how the newer iterations sound in comparison. Anyone? They do take some power but the large Quicksilver (KT-88) monos do nicely.
Thanks for sharing your experience. Upgrad itis?
why not try the spectron? that's the amp that Anthony Gallo uses to show the ref's.

it's a FANTASTIC amp and a wonderful company to work with.
I just thought that maybe the Parasound pre and JC-1 mono's would lite your wick.But surprised that you need that kind of power on tap.Friend uses 4B ST for Maggie 3.6 and I think they suck it down much harder than Gallo's.Maybe Spectron is right just because you get to spend,get great sound but it isn't wasted power.
Hello Truman,

I've owned the Gallo reference you speak of, had them for 10 years and loved them. About a year ago I replaced them with the Reference 3.1 speakers and I was never really sure I did the right thing (I had to sell the older versions before I could afford to buy the 3.1s, so it was a bit of blind(deaf) faith). I never felt the sound of 3.1s had the life/vividness my older references did. But after owning the 3.1s for a year, I was able to get them upgraded to 3.5s and I'm no longer looking back. FWIW, I still own, and enjoy, my original Gallo Nucleus Solo speakers purchased new 1994, but the aluminum sphere versions are superior to the early polyethylene versions.

Best, Barry