Basis 1400 TT...

Hello all - I have owned my table for the past 15 years and need a new tonearm to replace the rb250. Trying to get some ideas of other arms that would fit. Regards.
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All Rega single pillar arms are drop in replacements, along with Michell arms. The best choice would be a Basis Vector arm. There are others using the Rega platform that would also work. The difference between the Vector and another Rega is stunning in the best possible way. I replaced my Rega arm in a Basis 2000 with a Vector and it was a huge improvement.
Thank your response. I guess I should have mentioned a budget. The Vector is a great piece but a little more than I wanted to spend. I was looking under 1k in the used market. So the Michell arms would be a direct fit? .
Michell should be if they are the single pillar. The Graham Robin should also work and Origin Live. I bought a NOS Vector 3 a few years ago for about $1,300, so if you can stretch your budget a little and watch used ads you might be able to get a Vector close to your budget. It would be worth the extra time and money if you can find one.
I would replace the inner wire from the Rega. It is a cheap mod and the result is stunning. The standard cable is cheap and far away from something serious.
Audiomods arms are fantastic and in your budget.  These are completely reworked Rega arms, so straight drop in on your table.

Excellent reviews.  I have (2) of them and they are indeed terrific!

+1 on the Audiomods Arm. Actually, the only part of the arm that is a completely reworked Rega is the arm tube itself. Jeff sources the latest version of the 1-piece cast tube from Rega, then strips off the paint and finishes the arm in either chrome or matte silver. He then installs interior stiffeners and drills anti-resonance holes in the tube. Every other part of the Audiomods Arm---every other part---is hand machined by Jeff, and are of his own design, having absolutely nothing to do with Rega. That the Audiomods Arm is a reworked Rega is a common misconception. There are lots of those around, but the Audiomods is not one of them.

Jeff machines the bearing housing and installs ceramic ball bearings, far superior to the common-grade steel bearings in Regas. Every single other part is also of Jeff's design and machining, and are superb. The yoke, the main pillar, the mount housing, the anti-skate, the counterweight (an amazing piece of engineering by itself!)---all of it, hand machined by Jeff. He even offers a micrometer for fine VTA/SRA adjustments on-the-fly.

The arm is offered at several different levels, even as a DIY kit. The best arm value currently available imo. A far better arm the popular Jelco's.

I am very interested in researching the Audiomods Arm. Thanks for taking the time to post. Regards.
Audiomods and the Tecnoarm are the,way to go. I have both and they both sound very good. Is one better than the other? That's hard to say. Although the audiomods with the micrometer is a great added feature.
My own 'issue' with Audiomods is trying to make a decision. lol.

Well, besides a few small parts that mostly don’t affect sound quality, the main difference between the top model Series Five and the budget Classic is the bridged arm yoke of the former. Some of the parts standard on the Series Five arm are offered as upgrade options (stainless steel counterweight, alloy armrest, headshell shims) on the Classic, but when you add in the cost of them, you may as well have just paid the extra (the Series Five is 625 British Pounds, the Classic 455) and gone for the S5 straightaway.

The bridged arm yoke is NOT available as an upgrade for the Classic, and if you decide you want the micrometer (invaluable for fine adjustment of VTA/SRA), it also is not offered on the Classic. It is a 220 Pound option on the Series Five, only. The prices above, incidentally, include internal wiring of litz silver.

if you decide you want the micrometer (invaluable for fine adjustment of VTA/SRA), it also is not offered on the Classic
That's not true.  It's a 90 Pound option and includes the VTA lock.

I would just opt for the Series 5, (which I did).  It's worth the extra money.  I also have a series 3 or 4, I can't remember which.

Even if you can't afford the series 5, the Classic is a hell of an arm. 
Oops, right you are Mofi! I was also mistaken about the finish---the shiny version is highly polished, not chromed. And I agree, the Classic is a ridiculous bargain of an arm---no need to feel bad if you can't afford the even better Series Five.
i know this thread is a bit old.
i have a 1400 with RB300 arm and some AJ wiring modifications on the way with a Benz Glider.

my plan is listen first but long term I know I will chamge the arm..

what did the Op end up doing ?
I am leaning to the appropriate Vector arm that fits but would love to get aTriplaner...if it fit ????

this vinyl addiction is throwing me off my a good way..ha

i should mention a ginko base and a Croft RIAA-R are in the chain into a REF5 se
Just get the Vector. It is a drop in replacement, and sounds fantastic. You will be very happy with the upgrade from the Rega. Make sure you get the correct Vector arm. I think you need a low cup height, but confirm with Basis to be sure.

Best Regards,

Jim Perry
thanks Jim
Basis has been wonderful to work with !!!