Basis Polish & Polishing Cloth Instructions

I recently acquired a Basis 1400 with the basis polish and cloth. No instructions. What are the steps involved in polishing the acrylic plinth?
I have a black acrylic Basis table. I also have he polish and cloth. Before you use the cloth and polish, I suggest you remove any large debris using using a can of compressed air. I do this so that you reduce your chances of inducing swirls or scratches.

From the instruction sheet (sorry about spelling):

1.) Fold the cloth over a few times to achieve a thicker, pad-like rectangle.
2.) Apply a few drops of Magic Potion on the cloth.
3.) Wipe the acrylic surface in a circular motion, staying in an ares approx 5 inches square.
4.) Continu wiping in a circuar motion, spreading the fluid across the surface, until the fluid starts to appear thinner and leaves shiny, oily areas. At this point, use lighter pressure with the cloth until most of the fluid has disappeared, leaving the acrylic surface oily and shiny.
5.) Using a dry section of the cloth, polish with light pressure.
6.) Continue with the dry cloth until the acrylic is clean and free of residue.
7.) For deeper scratches, repeat.
Thanks. Thats what I thought.