ASR Basis Exclusive 2006 Packing Question

I'm moving my ASR Basis and I've forgotten if the big silver cable between the battery and main unit disconnects at both the battery and the main unit side or it's a captured cable on the main unit. I've not been able to find pictures and the manual is no help. Thanks in advance!
The ASR Basis has a permanent cable on the main unit going to a Harting industrial connector for the battery power supply.
Hi Dhcod, The 'silver cable' can only be removed from the
battery side. This cable can't be removed from the main unit. If you need packing boxes you can order them by ASR.

I am getting ready to pack mine also; the above is correct. I would not order from ASR, the importer wanted to charge me $400 for an IC that Digitech sold in lots of ten for the same price; i.e. $400 for ten of them. I eventually bought 2 on the internet for $60 total. I don't mind a profit but thought the mark up excessive.
Ok. Thanks! I have the original boxes and I've just bent the cable to fit. All is good. Now I just have to build in a spot for it in our new place. I've decided to pack everything away until we are in and then figure out how to fit it all or whether to sell :(
Hi Dhcod, The Emitter I and II have the same 'silver cable'
or, to put it othewise, 'kind of connection' so one needs
two racks next to each other at an distance wich the same
'silver cables' allow. Ie the main units on one rack the
transformers and battery packs on the other. Before you
think to sell the Basis you should try the Emitter I or
II .This way you will solve the amp and phono pre problem.
They are 'made for each other' and my loving nickname for
the combo is 'my German artillery'.
If you must sell the Basis and post abroad you can pull the
batteries out. They are very havy and everywhere available.