audiogon members or dealers

just want to know who you would rather deal with?A member with a good rating ,or a dealer.I bought a set of cables in september,with a warrenty,and sent them back to get repaired,they set in his store for 2 weeks and then he shipped to the company who made them,they have been at the company since dec,and after i was told they were going to be shipped friday ,they call me and say they dont have the product to repair point is every thing i bought from a member,has worked out great, if there was a problem it always got worked out..but with dealers,its always a run around.and the company who makes the cable is huge,and very well known, i guess thats why dealers in this hobby are hurting.poor service.but at 40 years old the girl at the electic company makes me mad
I might have missed it but are you saying these cables had a fault right out of the box? If so,that's crappy.I guess things can go bad either way. I guess in this case,cables aren't important enough to this dealer ?? If you used a credit card;I would call and void this purchase.---That will pee off the dealer.
Personally in this order: Manufacturer, Agon member, dealer. If I am buying new I try to deal directly with the mfg. Some dealers do not know the meaning of good customer service.
It doesn't matter who you are, or whether this is you business, hobby, or hobby-business. Life is all about taking care of each other.
If you buy a new item and it is defective you ask for a brand spanking new one in return for replacement. If the dealer tells you they don't have one or this item was a close out then you ask for a full refund + shipping. You also have the dispute board at Audiogon to expose the culprit. Good luck.
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Speaking of service, I thought this might be of interest.

I bought a used pair (no sales receipt) of Audience AU 24 interconnects here on A'Gon a few months back. Well one cable developed a short, no sound through it. I emailed customer service at Audience, they had me send them in. I was only looking for a repair, well they sent me a brand new pair! Free! This is great customer service.

All this took less than 10 days time and shipping was across country, during the holidays. I just got them back yesterday.

I want everyone to know what a great company Audience is. Consider them for your next cable purchase.
Audiogon members are preffered by me.Here is my latest experience with a member.
He had a Krell metal remote for sale.He had sold his Krell MD-1 transport and after a long time found the remote in his closet.I noticed his ad and I offered to buy it,we agreed on the price,and he also mentioned to me that he had no way of knowing if the remote was functional but it should be OK.Now my equipment is stored away due to home renovations,so I couldn't chech the remote right away either .So I send the guy a M.O check and a week and a half later the remote came.To my total suprise I found enclosed the near mint metal remote control.and an envelope with a note saying "that he couldn't accept my money if he wasn't 100% sure that the remote is OK",a postal money order was inclosed with the sum I had send him.
Audiogon is the best and we got some fine members to prove it.I can provide the screen name of the member for those that wish to know,e-mail me privately.
it sounds like the manufacture...have you talked to them directly ?
most cable manufactures are pretty good to work with.... i have had good experiences with xlo, tara, audience..

sometimes they get a little pricey if you are looking to spilt 1 long cable into 2 shorter (ie nordost)
well the dealer is talking to me ,but the manufacture is the one giving me the run around,they said reciept said demo with warrenty,would have to call dealer,and told dealer they are to far gone to make repairs,these cables are brand new ,just the xlr twist back in forth causing a short,which is very common with this brand,everytime i call the manufacture i get the run around,this is a major player in the industry to.well lets see what happens next week,i will post later who it done with them for ever,and i have been a 20 year customer to,and megga bucks spent.
Very discouraging to hear this. As a 20 year customer you deserve better. They should have sent you a new pair no questions asked.
My favorite dealer never gives me a hard time if something is broken or defective he doesn't send it to the company he just gives me a new one. He is Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound an Audiogon dealer- a great guy to deal with.
well i finally got my money returned,the cables i bought from dealer was demos well the company that makes cables dont repair demo cables under warrenty,and the dealer was slow to tell me that,about 60 days late,the company who makes the product offered to make it right, and i will take him up on it,as with the dealer,well he did refund my money after,letting them sit in his shop for 2 weeks after i shipped to him,and ran me around another 2 weeks,so i think its alot better to buy from members than dealers,i think if you look at my ssystem you can figure what cable i have the most of,and my feedback should give you idear what dealer i used
Deal with members when buying used.
Buy directly from the manufaturer when buying new.

This is the best scenario for buying used and new.