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Will high price HDMI cable makes a difference?
Monoprice.com. The $5.00 ones work perfectly on my 1080P set. 
Speaker cable reccomendations for my system
Mike:There is no best cable, just different flavors and most need at 100+ hours of break-in. You will get lots of recos here and you will have to try a few to see if you can get a better system match. FWIW, I use the Pure Note Paragons. They work ... 
DIY silver coated copper teflon wire?
Silver plated wire sounds horrible, IMO. And that horrificTeflon, cotton insulation is the answer! But then Nordost uses it... :) 
is it the connector or the wire ?
"12-26-06: ElizabethThe insulation on the wire, and the spacing and geometry of the wire are MORE IMPORTANT than the connector (if the connector is any better grade. (IE not nickel plated steel)(of course, I am an idiot...)"100% agree. Cables are ... 
Opinions on lower priced digital that can compete
A used Audiodyne Datalink is a great cable for minimal dollars. Otherwise the Pure Note Paragon is nice for around 175 bucks. These cables are not edgy like most digital cables, IME. 
cable dielectric cause of artificial sound
Kapton sounds better than Teflon. Cotton absorbs moisture. How 'bout paper, used about 50 years ago. 
Home made cable lifters.
Yes, Insulators! I use the old green and purple glass ones that I bought at flea market for pennies. 
TG SLVR Power cord; substitute or something better
I own both TG audio SLVR and the Pure Note Paragon Enhanced power cords. Both are excellent. The Pure Note is a better in the highs and are available. 
cable dielectric cause of artificial sound
The best cables use air dielectrics, IMO. All solid dielectrics will color the sound in some way. 
Everyone claims the ultimate cables. No such thing, just what works best in your system. You can spend hundreds or thousands on cables with no guarantee of the results. Case in point is the Valhalla killers. Many low priced cables claiming to be s... 
Upgrading from Siltech Forbes Lake ...
Perhaps the G6 Signature (way too many dollars)? I have both G5 Compass Lakes and Enhanced Paragons. The Paragons overall are a better cable, IMO. The G5 is just a tad better in the extreme highs. When you consider $7500 vs. $450 for the Pure Note... 
interconnect for Mark Levinson 332
The Levinsons can be sterile, IMO. You may want to consider Cardas N. ref. No silver. 
Help Me Explain Power Cables to my Guitar Friends
Forget it. My musician friends dismiss high-end audio as bunk. Wire is wire in their opinion. Good luck. 
cable burn in process
Yes it is normal, IME. The wire and dielectrics are changing due to voltage/current. In electronics, I have always needed a good 300 hours before I evaluate. 
Silver vs Copper cables
You are all wrong. Gold is the answer! Copper is dull, silver is bright...