ATC SCM v3 - First impressions.......

Thanks to all here who provided their input......during the decision making process.........much appreciated!
I forgot to put it in the title , these are the SCM7 v3's.
I first want to report my Nuprime IDA - 8 is actually a very nice match for these speakers.
I can get to volumes above what I usually listen at easily and with no audible distortion or clipping, so that is cool since I really like the amp (I bought it used for $450).
I did try an older, higher current/output Yamaha I had laying around and all though it would play louder it wasn’t even close to the Nuprime in virtually every other area.

I initially set up the speakers positioned per the owners manual.
I experimented a bit and found 2 feet from the back wall and 2 feet from the side walls to be optimal in my particular room.
I primarily listened to Jeff Beck, Prince, Nas, Eminem, Art Blakey, Duke Ellington, Pink Floyd and Keith Richards streamed from Tidal for the following comments.

Probably the first thing I noticed about these speakers is that they disappear from the listening equation as much as possible, more so, than any other speaker I have owned, including some very high end, powered studio monitors.
They do not get more or less dynamic when you turn the volume up, or down.
They seem to stay completely "even keeled" dynamically, regardless of volume, they don’t seem to "flinch" at all.
This is a major plus because, as a result, dynamic changes in the music shine through without being distorted in intensity one way or the other due to the speakers own characteristics.

Tonally these things are fantastic, Jeff Beck’s Stratocaster on "Live from the Hollywood Bowl" sounds wonderful, with all the cut, warmth and "squank" you would expect to hear if you were at the concert.
You can hear the attack and decay of each note and how the tone changes color as the note decays.
Eminem’s voice on "Without Me" comes alive and you can feel the sense of urgency, sarcasm and humor trade places throughout the song. The whole mix sounds like a living, breathing thing as opposed to just a drum machine and a rapper.
Listening to "The Wall" by Pink Floyd was like it was remixed........
The positioning and depth of instruments was stunning..............both side to side and front to back.
Detail was fantastic as were timing and timbre.
I could easily distinguish all of Gilmour’s different guitar sounds/layers and the emotion in Richard Wright’s playing was awesome.

I have heard many talk of this speaker’s midrange being "magical" and I would say this holds true for the entire range except the very low bass and, at some point I will probably purchase a subwoofer.
This is a very truthful speaker but don’t take that to mean it is not is as exciting as the program material you feed it, which for me most of the time is very exciting.
But there is so much more to it than manages to convey the depth, emotion, tone, timbre and timing that get’s lost in some other speakers.
It’s hard to describe this speaker as "bright" or "rolled off" or "punchy" or "dull" because if all of those things are going on in a given will let you know.
All in all I could not be happier with these speakers (I bought them from The Music Room for $999)!
I think I would be very hard pressed to come up with a system that sounds anywhere near this one for anything close to $1,500 total.
Thanks for reading!

I do not have any affiliation with ATC at all.

You will hear many things wrong with them eventually. You just havent listened to them long enough. I have heard ATC speakers by the way. 

ATCs are known to be the best speakers on the planet, most just can't afford them. I can't for the ones I'd want. I do feel the active ones are the way to go, separate amps individually provided for each driver.
You won't find anything wrong with them once you put the miles on, its' the recordings that you'll have a problem with because now you can hear EVERYTHING. They are effortless and amazing in almost every recording you can throw at them. Why does Disney and Plexar master with ATCs, they have more money than anyone on here (maybe)?

Mr. Kenjit above has no experience in Pro audio, most do not on the forum.  Look at his stupid post in December, he is doing something above here that he insists no one do in his own post. Opinions are indeed like something he must have plenty of.

You do need a Sub, but not one, reality kicks you in the teeth when you run two subs in stereo. You'll be glad you did and love your techncially superior ATCs more than ever.

Turn it up to "11"!
ATC tend to have poor midrange performance but people enjoy the bass response due to their seled box design. They arent innovative either with the cabinet. Its just a square wood box and will suffer all the problems other wood boxes suffer. Wilson and magico use different cabinet materials to try to achieve higher sound quality but ATC have taken a shortcut and used a plain old box. Shape matters too but again theyve used the shape that is easiest to make, ie a box.
Unfortunately ATC do not provide even a basic frequency response graph let alone any other measurements on their website so any claims about their performance are unsubstantiated.
Anything and everything Kenjit says is unsubstantiated. ATC are one of the cleanest most accurate sounding speakers in the planet. Where the F are you coming up with poor midrange performance. BTW who is to say an MDF box is inferior to aluminum? Wow arrogant and ingnorant. 
BTW who is to say an MDF box is inferior to aluminum?
kef blade, magico, wilson, wilson benesch, yg, etc many more
ATC are one of the cleanest most accurate sounding speakers in the planet.

Many studios choose not to use ATC. There are genelecs, Pmc, neumann, focal, dynaudio, kii, and others chosen instead of ATC by professionals. 
I said one of the cleanest speakers. Yes others use other speakers. What is your point? Like I asked where are you coming up with ATC have poor midrange performance. You cannot answer a simple question. Well the answer is you made it up just to start an argument. Guess I fell right into your little troll trap. LOL 
lots of good choices in near field monitors, etc for studios and ya see all kinds. Again to the OP enjoy your speakers and ignore the ignorant 
Whether or not you like the ATC sound they are objectively outstanding.  The famous dome midrange has been measured by independent parties and they've published the results.  I normally avoid getting personal but in case anyone happens across this thread and isn't familiar with the situation, kenjit wanders from thread to thread making bizarre and untrue claims that nobody should pay attention to.

Jeff Bagby reviewed the ATC dome midrange and did a bunch of measurements.  

"Yes, in my opinion, on an absolute basis, this is an exceptional driver and one of the finest midrange transducers I have ever listened to or measured. The SM75-150S may be difficult to find and may be very expensive when you do find it, so it may not be a good value in everyone’s mind, but if you are looking for cost-no-object midrange performance then you may want to begin looking for a pair of ATC SM75-150S midrange drivers. "

John Krutke of Zaph audio also did some measurements that showed the same outstanding performance.  

"Probably one of the cleanest midrange domes I've tested, with the lower midrange coming close to the noise floor of my measurement setup."

Sept 22, 2011
Is there any concern that the ATC speakers are quite light and thus more susceptible to distortion ? I think their flagship speaker is like 31 kg.
Tell us about the poor midrange performance Kenjit?? Back something up you spout out about. Come on man!!! We are all on pins and needles. 

Ohh back to your BS. You haven't heard them with every amplifier every cable every room blah blah blah so your wrong. Any idea how f in stupid you sound? 

They have no weakness’ in sound quality.  They are perfect.  It probably has to do with the box.

Anyhow, to the OP, see?  I tolf you that you’d love them!  They are fantastic speakers.  I like the NuPrime too.  You have a nice little, simple set up that probably sounds outstanding.  Enjoy!

Tell us about the poor midrange performance Kenjit?
What hifi magazine in the UK did a review of another speaker in which they compared it against ATC. I am not mentioning this to endorse that product but as evidence to show that the ATC sound is not perfect and its only when you hear something superior that you realize that. 

Keep in mind that What hifi are huge fans of ATC they have awarded ATC 5 stars many times. I believe their reference speaker is also the flagship ATC. 

Despite their enthusiasm for ATC heres what they had to say about this other speaker they reviewed in comparison to the ATC

these speakers deliver a wonderfully laid-out soundstage: it’s solid and intricately layered with suitably well-recorded material. Even the best of their conventional rivals, such as the ATC SCM 11 and KEF LS50 speakers, sound vague and imprecise in comparison.

in another review they wrote

Multi-driver alternatives put bandwidth ahead of cohesion and timing.Compare any of these to the Eclipses, and they sound messy and poorly organised.

And that is true of the ATC. They are ultimately a multi driver speaker. And that statement by whathifi applies to the ATC too.

Nobody ever said ATC were perfect. You said they had crummy midrange. Why?? Where did you come up with that Kenjit? Maybe if they took those drivers and cut some holes in the side of the house they would be perfect??
You said they had crummy midrange. Why??
Did you not read my answer? I explained why already. Perhaps you have lower standards than i do? That would explain why our opinions differ.

Maybe if they took those drivers and cut some holes in the side of the house they would be perfect??

Unfortunately the domes are already sealed so they dont need a cabinet.
Nice system @fivestringsdown, and glad you’re so thoroughly enjoying it. 

Please don’t respond further to kenjit’s insanity here.  It just demeans the original thread and wastes everyone’s time.  I’ve long since ceased reading any of his ridiculous posts because doing so just encourages him.  Better to just sit in the corner and chew on tinfoil — it’s more productive and less painful. 
Sincere thanks to all for the support and direction.......much appreciated!
I’m still loving these speakers and not expecting that to change anytime soon.


Is there any concern that the ATC speakers are quite light and thus more susceptible to distortion ? I think their flagship speaker is like 31 kg.

Where did this "flagship is 31kg" info come from?   From what I can see, their SE150 (their top of the range discrete active tower models) are 97Kg.  Not accusing you of anything, but its not the right info and wonder where you found this.   One thing about ATC's is they are not light.  Even the small Classic 6.5 inch Model 20 passive 2 way bookshelf is 27Kg with veneer. 
brad, the passive version is 18kg. And most of that weight is from the horribly heavy magnets they use. 

Theres nothing special about the boxes. I think you'll find its just mdf.
@fivestringsdown & atc fans. Thought you might appreciate this story detailing the speaker's construction... 

What Hi-Fi?: The making of: ATC SCM50.

Please ignore Kenjit. He has no money and even less Hi-Fi knowledge, especially when it comes to speakers. If you look at Kenjit's system, it says it all really... LOL

Sorry Kenjit but you pretend to know a lot and actually know very little. You just attack other Brands (and music lovers) because you cannot afford those products. You are a very sad little individual that should of been booted off here a long time ago.

Great choice, ATC are fantastic speakers. Lovely company and lovely people. Have dealt with them a lot :-)

A few corrections for you:
1) the ATC 20 Classic is 27kg, not 18.   ( The ATC SCM 19 is 18 kg).  
2) ATC is known for its terrific midrange, not weak midrange
3) very few of ATC's models are sealed, but we do shoot for the ideal 12dB per octave LF roll off of a sealed box.  
4) Obsession with fancy cabinets and marketing of cabinets is fine, but you are missing the far more important issue of the drivers themselves.  This is where the sound comes from!
5) You are right, many studios do not choose ATC.  But studios do not make records, they are simply a room with gear in it the engineers rent to work in.  Most engineers bring their own speakers with them so they can work on something familiar.  
6)  All claims by all manufacturers of speakers are unsubstantiated in your room except weight and dimensions.  It is folly to think the subjective sound quality of a speaker in an unknown acoustical space (the listener's room) can be reliably predicted via any spec or combination of specs.

ATC importer   
the ATC 20 Classic is 27kg, not 18.

Wrong. No passive bookshelf could weigh as much as that unless its made of solid 5 inch thick concrete. 
Just look on their website and you'll see that the scm20 weighs 18kg. What they dont tell you is where all that weight is coming from. 

ATC has a reputation for very high quality products. I think that must irk KEnjit and his obsession about imperfect things (which is pretty much everything).

Too bad this thread became a train a friend of mine once said “Hey kid, get off my lawn”.

I grabbed one of my pro audio subs (very physically large in this room lol) just so I could get a feel for how they sound with a sub and the short answer is awesome.
I like these speakers even more than when I first got them, they seem to have warmed up in the mids and smoothed out a little in the highs.....streaming high res tracks sounds magical .......the remasters of Prince “1999” and “Purple Rain” are some of the best remasters I have heard anywhere.......
I have a new song to mix and I will definitely be using these to check mixes on.....
I understand I have given these speakers high praise.....(we all know the “perfect speaker” does not exist and it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is, if it did) but we spend a lot of time and energy chasing our idea of great when all of the stars’s more than very cool.
Thanks for all of the positive input and direction!
Now.....on to subwoofers!
Awesome!  Glad you are enjoying them and actually “getting” them as in understanding why they are so special. I’ll have some SCM11’s some day.  Atc speakers are just fantastic and do things in the midrange that I haven’t had any other speaker do in my listening environment.  The highs are exceptional also.

Get a pair of Rythmiks, HSU, SVS, REL and be in hifi heaven 👍
@fivestringsdown The *only* goal is to enjoy your system when you listen. It's sad how many people on here fail at that most basic goal. Congrats on winning, you've already beaten all the sour fcks. A great outcome.

I'm going to jump in on this thread on this, my first post here.  I'm a professional musician.  Ive been in pre studios making records for 35 years.  I've had ATC scm20s in my home studio for just 6 years now.  I also have a center channel scm7 in my living room, not a larger model because of the damn cabinet, yet it does an amazing job of keeping the dialogue crystal clear.  I can't wait to add another pair of ATCs for my L+R.

Back to Studios.  If you are less than a top notch studio, it would be smart to not have ATCs.  To me Genelecs make everything sound the same and are not truthful There are many studios who service local talent and serve the communities well.    When I worked in smaller studios doing jingles or demos, local bands..  they almost always had Genelecs, which will impress clients because they are gooey sounding compared the razor sharp accuracy of ATC.   Just my 2cents.

@fivestringsdown ​​​​​​

Thanks for your thoughts on the SCM7's, I'm considering these with my Naim Nait XS2. Your thoughts have definitely encouraged me to audtion. Really happy you're enjoying them. Happy Listening 👍