Arthur Salvatore WoW comments??

Anyone ever read about this audio critic? his site is at but for the real deal go there and scroll down to 'audio critique' and click on that link and you will not be able to stop reading. i recommend reading his 'philosophy' first and then his 'recommended components list' - although i know you guys will reverse that order; it was worth a try.
This guy has some very interesting things to say about audio and has really gotten hot and heavy with the top magazines and he's published his heated correspondences with them and you'll love it.
Please comment here after reading about this guy.
Kubla, we've been through it all in the thread called "Reviewing the Reviewers", as you know. So why bring it all up again? Cheers,
oh, i don't know. why do i do anything? it's late. i'm tired. i'm lonely ...i want a new amp?

i guess i wanted to talk about the man and not his opinions on reviewers - that was starting to wear me out. it's also an old thread and because of the title hard to find for someone searching for info on salvatore.

oh, but detlof, you're right. i'm redundant. again. again, i'm redundant, once again.
Whoops. you're more right than i originally thought, detlof. i thought the last post in that thread (other than mine) was back in march.

nobody post here.

stay away. go to 'reviewing the reviewers' thread

get out.
Well Kubla, were you so quick to shoot with those minus two points?...and I thoughts we were "friends". Shows how naive I am...but then probably it was one of those inane bushwackers. .....
Detlof, if I were a betting man, I'd bet that the two votes came from elsewhere. This actually points to why I think Agon's proposed policy of not letting individuals who post to threads vote on those same threads has value, even though it seems to defy common sense in some regards. Let those who wish to talk to each other do so without having the possibility of antagonistic voting coloring the conversation. Let those who seek the anonymity of the peanut gallery vote away; those folks can be easily ignored. Kubla, I know you asked people not to post here, but at least I posted something totally irrelevant.
jayboard glad you're irrelevant too. detlof, i certainly didn't give you any negatives. in fact, i got -2/-2 myself. i dont know who gave them to us or why but jayboard's got a good eye for this kinda stuff and am glad he bet on me :)
Well Kubla, I didn't really think it was you. It sort of didn't fit your usual cordiality and Jayboard thanks for your ideas. Actually I don't really care much about votes one way or another, but when I log into Audiogon, its for me like stepping out of the house into a bright sunny and interesting day I'm looking forward to....and then you step into a piece of shit, somebody let fall on your doorstep... its sort of a letdown...Regards,
I agree with this bullshit vote system.Voters should have to identify themselfs and reasons.
I think someone just goes thru and gives - votes to piss us all off.
I just gave you all + 2 for this topic
PS so now all get 2-
detlof: your "stepping-on-a-piece-of-shit" anology for one's receiving unexpected negative votes is the best i've yet seen. thank you for the pick-me-up. -kelly
CFB, thanks for your kind words and Evo, thanks for the kind all sort of helps to get the shit off your doorstep. (-:
Detlof; you ke*p sayi*g sh*t on this site a*d i'm g*ing to get you booted *ff. i mean, if one of my p*sts gets erased on t*e basis of 'vu*ag*ity' for sa*ing AS*HOLE how come you g*t to say sh*t? i dont fu*kin get it. N*w I'm al* para*noid about the w*rds I pick.
Face it Khan, you are just a vulgar person and even those little as*terkisks can't hide the real you from us. I for one am appalled at the language found in this thread. As such, I am going to tell on all of you. You all are in big trouble when Agon finds out about this, do you hear?-BIG trouble.
kubla: you obviously don't understand. detlof's a shrink. he thus has a license to say shit. all he wants. just as long as it's therapeutic. and if he needs some certification of his skills, i'll gladly say my neuroses done be controlled, er, at least i think, just from reading this thousand-year-old naughty substitute for "animal excrement." -kelly
I will say this about that Salvatore fella, he isn't screwin around. $1 Million an issue??? Geezopeezo, how very eye-opening; I doubt I will read ANY magazine the same as I did before. Totally juicy and gossipy. I have been meaning to read that for a while now and am glad you reminded me to get around to it Mr Khan.

My only question is why would some dummy write anything at all to him? The guy is a guerrilla sniper trained killer type that can take his time with his victims and chew them up real slow and methodical like. Never would I send word one to him if I thought I was a potential target. If I were a target, the best tactic with guys like that in the bushes is to just hope and pray he never sets his sights on me.
thunders, i sent him a little note saying that i loved his site so much that if he were a woman i'd want to start talking him. he wrote back saying if i looked like ashley judd or jennifer lopez he'd WANT me to start stalking him. the guy has taste.
CFB how right you are ! I can say what I asterixes-well like, if its therapeutic for me. Only one little mistake: I thought lawyers - perhaps not always in court - but in establishing all the pertinent circumstances of a case had to be precise-- it - ahem was not animal excrement - it definitely was human shit!! Yes and Kubla, Lopez or Judd? Salivating Salvi wouln't have a chance, I'd get some new Viag..ahem- life into these old bones, power down the rig and go stalking myself. Yes.
P.S.:This is getting to be a hilarious thread. Asterixes Salvatore, rather lets get on with our fun.
Cheers to all
Some numbnuts thought I was serious in my first post. Zero tolerance on stooling all of a sudden?
For heavens sake J, did you get minuses too? I'll even you out some. Stool, man!
Yeah, it's ok though, I feel better after calling the guilty party a mean name in the forum. And I went around and nialed everyone that has posted in the last 72 hours with negatives. Anyone new or with Lev in their name got it twice. Took me a while, but damn if it didn't feel good!
Wow, no wonder you've got "thunder " in your name J. Does J stand for Jupiter? Just be careful you don't cause too many shorts in Mark LEVinson gear! But then you can always call Cornfedboy to defend you, though he might be very expensive.(All us audiophiles need money and that aplenty! Believe me, I know...)
you *weren't* serious in your first post? Whoops. my apologies, thunder.
Deleted due to vulgarity.
Deleted due to absence of vulgarity.
what?! i said shit 3 times! and only one of my personalities a shrink! who's foolin' whom, eh? ;)
Deleted due to hyperbole.
Kubla, wasn't hyperbole...CFB will you please let me out?. I'm uncomfortably too close to the law....I promise, I'll deposit an afidavid ( how the shit do you spell that?) in your medulla oblongata taking responsibility for those three and another threehundred shits you may drop here or anywhere else before I go. But p l e a s e let me out!!!!!
detlof: be spelled "affidavit." from what confine do you wish to be released? in my book, you're free as a dove and, if emulating the "founder" of the vienna circle, as high as a kite. or, perhaps, this dreamlike perception is only devotedly to be wished. sure glad you've opened the door to sunshine and hope there are no more bags of homo sapiens shit on which you may step. (BTW, i can't quite follow the "deposit in [my] medulla oblongata" reference. as i recall from my undergraduate studies, the medulla is the center of involuntary nerve activity. are you suggesting that my "art" is below the level of consciousness? if so...... interesting. have you read "the origins of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind" by jaynes?) sorry to go off-topic, folks, but i figure i'm owed some kinda payback for all those years of psychotherapy.
Just what is the topic here? And don't you need a topic before you can go off topic? Other than the word shit, I really don't see a topic anymore. As such, I perceive no need for an apology for any variation therefrom. I do think if there ever was a topic, you two boys are nowhere near it. But that's good. Really good, in fact. I can't wait to see where this all goes.
'therefrom?' thunders, your law education is showing. and detlof, good GOD man, you are nothing if not good fodder for all the right-wingers who have declared an all-out war on drugs. I believe, as obviously you believe, that ecstasy (or apparently SOME drug) is a valid form of psychotherapy. Perhaps not when self-administered (as we’ve just witnessed in your post) but then there’s the expression, doctor heal thy self that can be thrown into the argument and then we’re back to square one.

And as for you CFB, you never cease to amaze me. I actually have read ‘the origins of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind’ by julian jaynes. In fact, it freaked me out very early on and I had to put it down for about a year or two. If I remember he began to talk about the concept we have as ‘I’ and ‘me’ as only a metaphor and he scared the holy crap of me when 'I' suddenly ‘got it.' It seems pertinent here in some way because I’ve only begun to realize the metaphor of these threads and how the ‘i’ and ‘me’ issue jaynes touched upon am we?
That is too good. Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo. Sorry about the therefrom, I figured what the hell, when talking to the town barrister, why not? I damn sure couldn't go with the rest of that jumble, it was all I had left.
Dear Cornfed, certainly not your art, how could you ever think that, merely an affidavit (thankyou!) for saying shit with impunity, the selfsame allusion to faeces being certainly caused by *some* involuntary nerve movement, would you not think? But please name a better place, I'll do anything to be free of that shrink-persona of yours...though from what you say, I have nothing to do with it? HMMM, wonder if I should take some haloperidol or (shudder)go back into analysis..... no I'll have some cognac instead......, yes high as a kite is nice, much better than mad as a hatter, but then you know how close genius lies to madness, especially if you emulate Viennese or even Zurichoise circles....what did friend James Joice say: Tweedledee Jung and twaddledee Freud... but I am rambling. And by thundering Jupiter or B'Jove in Brits, and J thunders in Audiogonese, this is all about DADA, you know, that Art form which started in pre-war central Europe, or like free Jazz if you like and Kubla, Great Khan, what a chuzpa, how can I heal myself, if CFB won't let me out....and how can you talk of ecstasy...when my stasis is in and not out. But the Julian Jaynes might help. Thanks, did't know it. Will click on Amazon now. But first another cognac. Cheers to all
Back to basics. Detlof, WHICH cognac? Also, what free associations run through your mind as you consider the brand *before* drinking? AS you're drinking? AFTER?
Can we thereby compose the neo dadaist, audiogon-song of musical drinking?

More in line with the topic as expressed in J's recent assumption (of what said topic is):

Has anyone read Joyce's selected letters to his sweetheart?
Very *expressive* vocabulary...
toepik? we don need no stinking toepik!
We got lawyers, we got shrinks, now all this thread needs is an abstract philosopher: "without music life would be stupid ..." Nietzche
Deleted due to lack of humanity.
Hello there, which cognac you ask? Cheapo stuff, Greg, very you think I can afford something decent with that hobby of ours?? Joyce I suppose, would make more pleasant reading than Jaynes, but alas it's a Julian and not a James, the stork is bringing from the land of the Amazons.....and as far as I am concerned Wirehead, I'd rather have what the I-Ging says about music than what came out of that pox-riddled brain of Nietzsche...but basically it boils down to the same thing, pox and no pox.......Greg's idea of drunken composing reminds me of the life of Sung Tung Po, but alas no chen -players here, no comely maidens to bring new wine and the poet -friends not near, but spead all around the internet..... I think I'll need some more cognac, perhaps the rig will sound better then.....and Kubla toepics can be nice, remember Tom Waits singing about popsicle-toes, made me all nostalgic for a chen-playing maiden......which is where the snake bites its own tail. Cheerio
Gregg: I always found Hine Rare & Delicate to be the best bang for the buck in recent years (I sold specialty food, wine and liquor for 7 years).
D-K, thanks for the tip! Regarding cheapo cognac, Detlof, I remember (a drunk) N. Simone yrs ago spitting out a gde champagne and screaming for a glass of the cafe stuff. BTW at don't you find that cognac makes the system sound worse the morning after?

What was the subject, again??
Heinz Cognac yes, Gregg, Hine not, but basically its true, the highs make funny things to your brain and bass drums or double base rudely plucked and manhandled get your synapses out of joint. After a cold glass of beer, the rig starts slowly to sound better. ....and to hell with the subject, make it a thread for higher nonsense.....possibly we'll find method in the madness...all this is better than talking about Salvatore, where, though he would probably like it, his nomen non est omen.
Yes, but what about the background noise that the beer creates, not to mention the sound of the toilet constantly flushing after 2-3 hours into the drinking/listening session. My current cocktail (not by choice) is 10mg Methadone/100MG Zoloft/4 mg Zanaflex. Sometimes I just listen to the same CD over and over as I don't feel like getting up to cahange it.
Man, you guys are starting to scare me!
12 Step upgrade?
guys? detlof's starting to freak me out too. anyone live in or near 'the old continent' willing to go check on him?...with the authorities present, of course (safety first).
Did someone say BEER? ##$%@##$$*:'///,/;!~@#$%&ZZZZZZ....ZZZZ......ZZZ...Z
Oh yes Back to the topic: Salvatore Farragamo , Makes great shoes- have few pairs and yes now they make high end clothing too-for both men and women. @#$$$%$$@&*&^ZZZZz...zzzzz...zz..ZZZZZZ.
well, nilthepill has either popped one or blown a tube, detlof is off in never-never land, dekay is lying in a pool of his own urine, pills scattered about the room the record going around and around, thunders i hear is in jail, and everyone else doesn't seem to care. i give up. i knew it was only a matter of time but i didn't know everyone would lose it at once.
Oh heck, give Kubla some good old fashoined morphium-scopolamine. I guess, he'll feel much better once he's woken up again.
Nilthepill, nice to have you here, do you keep your shoes on while you zzzzZZZZZ?
Decay, talk to your doctor, I think the Zoloft is a bit high and a bit more Methadone certainly won't harm. Let us know, what he said and how you found the change. I know about the background noise and beer. I found the only solution is more beer.
Swampwalker please don't be scared. Can't be worse here than ambulating with your gaiters through the gators, can it?
We're progressing quite nicely, I think. D-K, a scotch chaser should do the trick *and* keep the urinary background vocals going as well (candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker...). Detlof, there *must* be a pill combination that impairs one's hearing while keeping us happy with the tunes -- cheaper than having to upgrade all the time. Also, don't have to worry about the PPC's power: mine is currently down to 219V, and dropping. Maybe I'll get a 219/230% discount on the next bill...
Nilthepill, have you replaced the tube?
Kubla, can you give us feedback on the sonic experience of the morpho-scopolamine Detlof suggested?
Any takers for my stash of lithium? Detlof has forbidden it for me but hasn't *yet* said anything about the rest of us...