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Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1) Audi S4; 2) Audi S4; 3) Audi S4 (2001 silver, chipped, w/ tip, of course). 
Best thread poster for 2001?
Solid state amplifier $2K Used or New
I second the Bryston suggestion. I personally dislike Classe (sounds to me like it's loaded with a bunch of butterflies), but lots of folks really like it. Over either of these though, try the older McCormack amps (get your hands on a revision A u... 
Care to share your scams?
I have been contacted by your boy there Cornfed, or one just like him. I recall laughing hysterically for a long time after hanging up thinking it was the funniest prank call I had ever heard. 
How much are you worth ?
How much are you worth ?
So how do you put a value on: 6'1", Adonis looks, able to run a marathon, highly educated, well travelled, fluent in seven languages (including that special language--Love!), hung, wealthy, charming, personable, with a choice of about 10 different... 
Illuminations D-60 RCA/RCA Survey
My understanding is that the D-60 is non directional. 
Opinions on XLO, Tara Lab, Synergistic
Here is what I suggest having no experience with the exact cables you mention, though familiar with and run two of the three makes, not models. Goto audioreview.com and into the cable pages. Choose a cable, any cable, it does not matter which one.... 
John Dunlavy On "Cable Nonsense"
You got it. Bose/Sears = foul, as in totally disgusting. As in even if this is all fun, you wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy type of foul. I just took your sarcasm one step further.Where'd they all go anyway? You must've really hurt 'em. 
Not happy yet
Three things hit me when I read. The room. The CD player. Cables. Not in that order. I have nothing to offer about the room, just looks like it could use some.....something, like I said, I got nothing. The CD player.....is about like the room, I o... 
rock and roll cd player
Linn is ok and I like linn, but from what you say, I think you owe it to yourself to give Arcam players a listen too. They got mucho pop and great detail--excellent for anything full tilt boogie. Try the Alpha 8 or the Alpha 9. The sound though, i... 
New category for trades?
Another excellent proposition by another one of Agon's finest. Don't know how many trades would occur because of it, but it would be fun to try just to see. And I'm sure Agon wouldn't mind creating it, I mean, what are they doing anyway, besides s... 
Disappointed in SACD player
Damnit! Dbear44 said what I meant--only lots better than me......nice post, Dbear44. 
Which came first, the chicken or the egg
I have no explanation to give you. Ordinarily the membership is all but helpful, including all above, and there is no real bias against HT. You've read some other threads I'm sure, it's ordinarily pretty tame. The Carl thing is a special case but ... 
Which came first, the chicken or the egg
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