Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?

It seems to me the Grammy's have never recovered from the introduction of the MTV Music Awards. The MTV Music Awards came out of the gate with two objectives:

1. To modernize the format of music awards and shock the audience.
2. Provide a new stage for Rappers and Hip-Hop music.

This was a combination that became highly successful for MTV. At first the Grammy's tried to remain above the fray and put on a classy show, however over time to compete they've became just another MTV type music award. Which leads to the question - are the Grammy's still relevant? Do you look forward to watching the show every year and if so; why?
That is an insult to music lovers, the Grammy's have been irrelevant for years!!! Other than politics, how can one explain the Dixie Sluts getting five mammories, I mean Grammy's...

It hasn't been about music for a long time...


I could care less about awards shows period. The Grammy's is just another one imo. I don't look forward to it whatsoever. The only reason I turned it on was because there was nothing else on of interest and I only looked at it for a few minutes. Yes imo the Grammy's are irrelevant.
Every time I see Stevie Wonder on the Grammy's (which is every f-ing year), I am reminded of just how irrelevant they are.
I don't think I've watched the Grammys in about 10 years or so. They have nothing to do with musical talent and are all about politics. I was, however, glad to see the Chixie Dicks run the table - anyone who will stand up to this administration has got my best wishes.

Rlwainwright we sure wouldn't want talent to be an issue. Some people are so stupid they sit and giggle at the television when anyone, no matter how stupid, insults the highest office in the country in spite of the fact that millions of people agree with the US policy in Iraq.

It's time to grow up. If you people had your way black Americans would still be slaves...
A lot more millions DON'T agree with it. And what's with the "you people" nonsense?
I watched it and was only surprised that Neil Young didnt win for his Anti-war album, I figured with his status and the politics would surely be right up the left leaning Grammy community of voters, and it is sad that that Politics takes a back seat to talent.
God Bless America and our Troops.
The Dixie Chicks showed a shameful amout of imaturity when gloating over their awards, if they had any intelligence they might be insulted to know that they only won as a statement against our elected President, not because the album will stand the test of time as the best 2006 had to wasnt.
How did the Dixie Chicks "stand up to this administration"? Standing up to something means pushing back when you yourself have been pushed. The Dixie Chicks merely "spoke out against" the administration - an a excercise that requires little courage these days.
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Something odd is going on at Audiogon. it appears that this thread which was originally authored on Febuary 13, 1995 is being posted today.

I predict that in the year 3000, there is going to be internet discussion posts titled, " What happened to music between 1990--2010."

Ok, the short answer, Hell Yes.
Can't recall the year, but it was a long time ago when Heavy Metal was introduced as a separate category. Jethro Tull won as best heavy metal band. Nothing against JT but come on, they didn't even use Gothic lettering on the album covers. That was quite a while ago.
When my favorite artists and albums AREN'T nominated and/or mentioned, it makes me feel good about the music that I believe matters.
Yea the Jethro Tull was priceless, Sting has also won best Jazz album and never forget Milli Vanilli.
Not to mention that the Dixie Chicks are not only hot looking but are actually talented. Half the award winners are nothing more than Milli-Vanilli's....

I like these type of events for the outfits (READ hot women)and seeing Joan Rivers make a fool of herself and her daughter.
Yup. And then there are all of those idiots who went out and buoght the Dixie Chicks Album by the millions...perhaps all to show contempt for 'W". Hmmmm, maybe the album is good and The Country Awards are too political to get it.

Oh, I hated The Dixie Chicks outfits. And, no I did not buy the album, although I am a bit hard-pressed to suggest a better/more popular one.
I wish all these musicians would shut up and run for office. They are not in the spotlight because of their political views. They are doing a bait and switch. I don't need this crap. They could put some clothes on, run for office and get elected. What is so hard about that? I would have a great deal of respect for someone who actually worked for their beliefs instead of tryng to pull off some kind of Banana Republic-type coup.
What bothers me is that a large group of people who watch this junk want to know and are impressed by the political positions of musical artists than they are by the political positions of their elected officials. Perhaps a generalization, but one fostered by the times we live in.
What happened to Dylan? One of the best CD's I have bought in the last few years. Can quite get myself to buy a Dixie Chicks CD but hope springs eternal. I’ll keep my political views to myself and use the ballot box to exercise them. I still find it hard to believe so many people have opinions and so few vote … go figure.
They had to wait until she was dead to give Janis Joplin a Grammy. When were they ever relevant?
Did someone just say that the Dixie Hicks are "hot looking"? Compared to what? Neil Young?
Wow, some of youse guys need a time out.

When my generation was younger most of the bands and artists that were my favorites were speaking out against the war in Vietnam.

Now we have the Vietnam of the new millenium. Thousands of our young folks die for midieval folk most of which haven't got the courage to stand up for themselves.

I'd like to see our current administration honor those who've already died by bringing the rest home before they have an opportunity to die for basically nothing.

These folks in the middle east have been fighting amongst themselves since Jesus walked the earth and before.
When will we learn that we cannot be the world's cop?

Just imagine if the BILLIONS of dollars that have been spent on this fruitless war had been spent here at home.

Meanwhile the Arabs and big oil have thier last laugh at our expense. Exxon/Mobil posts record profits on the backs of American consumers, and our administration has sold out to big business. LOL even Chevron had to change the name of their largest tanker from "Condoleeza Rice" to "Altair Voyager" Condoleeza Rice sat on Chevron's board for years.

Look closely at what your goverment wants you to believe today. "Weapons of Mass Destruction", .....they're weren't any.

Now we border on a police state where there are terrorists on every corner, under every bridge and in every back yard. Our goverment has a policy totally based on fear. Common sense and personal responsibility have taken flight.

Wake up folks, before it is REALLY too late.


Paul :-)
Beemer, You are so very wrong.

Ask the Kurds if there were Weapons of Mass Destruction!
Thousands upon thousands died when Chemical Ali used them on them. Or perhaps they merely dreamed that there were thousands of dead lying in the streets?! (I assume you are one of those who think the Holocaust never happened too, right?!)

And, the reason why Iraq is not Vietnam is that Vietnam was a civil war. Iraq was liberated from one of the worst dictators ever. Ammensty Internation states that Saddam killed over a million of his own people. Not counting the people who died in the two wars against Iran and Kuwait that he started.

Please get your facts straight.

Please read this:

Perhaps you should wake up, before you vote for another Clinton, who administration will once again bury their heads in the sand when we are attacked again and again and yet again, and they do nothing to protect us!
Jeff Bowman wondered:
"Did someone just say that the Dixie Hicks are "hot looking"? "

Jeff, they may not be super-models, but I think most men would agree that at least 2 of the Chix are fetching indeed. Ms. Maines is not my cup o' tea, but the other 2 are quite attractive, IMHO.
Paul - "When will we learn that we cannot be the world's cop?"

May I suggest to you that it's a little more than being the world's cop. This war was not about Iraqi WMD. What most Americans don't realize is that this war is a religious and cultural war, which actually begin in 1979 with the declaration of Islamic Jihah by the Aytollah Khomeini in Iran. America's proactive engagement in this fight began on September 12, 2001.

We are fighting a war of ideology that only happens to be based in Iraq, but in point of fact is taking place all across the globe. Our enemy (Islamic Fundamentalism) is determined to destroy America and our allies. If we fail in Iraq and run like we did from Viet Nam in 1975 and Lebanon in '83, we will further embolden AQ, Hezbolah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Iran, Syria, Sudan et. al, enabling them to attack our interests to a far greater extent than what we saw in 2001.

Hopefully, we've learned from the mistakes made by the Flower Power generation and we won't turn Iraq into a Viet Nam. If we are smart we won't run when the going gets tough and meet our obligations and acheive our objectives. If we aren't smart and follow the course set out by anti-war activists we will suffer a far greater threat than was realized on 9/11.

If you don't believe in what I tell you, I have a recommendation. Read Bridgette Gabriel's book entitled "Why They Hate Us."
I second that Audiofeil. For you fellows insisting on dicsussing your personal political views, please find somewhrer else to do it. We are business people, and business and politics shouldn't mix.
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Since when (1) are we all business people and (2 )don't business and politic mix, since they mix all the time in real life? Which is not to say that this thread hasn't gone FAR off track. :-)
Sir, that is my preference not to mix business and politics. I am in sales and would not jeoperdize a sale to espouse my personal political opinion in an arena that has nothing to do with politics. The original topic of this thread was, Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant? What does White House foreign policy have to do with the relevance of The Grammy awards?
starlight vocal band 'afternoon delight'....yes ALL grammy nominations and winners are music industry insider b.s.....why would any fan of any artist be upset their favorite didn't win? gram parsons and rick nelson aren't in the country music hall of fame....the hollies aren't in the r&r hall of is unfare, but that's rock & roll
"Are the Grammy's becoming irrelevant?"
Yes, at least as far as this thread is concerned.
I think the Dixie Chicks winning a Grammy has more credibility than those outlet covers.
Justin Timberlake is selling a great outlet cover with his picture on it. I hear the Dixie Chicks will be putting their own on the market soon.
I heard about the Dixie Chicks Outlet Cover, too. That's the one that you do not want to "screw" in. Badda bum.

After reading most of the responses here I have lost a lot of respect for a few people, who's opinions I valued. Name calling and politics are not what this site is about.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that a country act as ever won album of the year??? Think of all the great ones who never won. Maybe it was just a weak field.
It seems to me "country" music, if we call the pap that passes for country music these days "country" music, is much more popular now. As mainstream as any other genre. That's the reason it can win a Grammy.
Timrhu, I sometimes refer to it as "pop country" but maybe we should call it "pap country". Frankly, I don't care for most of it. But, to each his own, I guess.