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HDMI - 5 m 16.5 ft -long - what to pay attention?
Also, if your looking for a good sub woofer cable, give Bluejeans cable a try. I bought their Sub woofer cable for about $30. and it's the best Sub woofer cable I have ever used. 
HDMI - 5 m 16.5 ft -long - what to pay attention?
Go to They have an excellent selection of high quality HDMI for cheap. Don't spend oodles of money on HDMI. Spend that money elsewhere. 
which ProAc speaker?
Proacs would sound great in that room. the D38 speaker moves plenty of air to fill your large listening room. They are the most user friendly speakers I have ever come across, very forgiving. 
Best LP since Waters left Pink Floyd?
It just has to be Amused to Death. Such a sad and stirring record. The recording is just amazing. Jeff Beck puts down some of his best licks ever. I'd have to opine that Jeff Beck is about the only guitar God worthy of walking in Gilmours foot print. 
New codecs worth making a switch right now?
Yes it is worth it. The improvement in sound quality is a quantum leap forward. Viewing cinema in the home with a good AV receiver and Blu Ray combo is mandatory Sat night entertainment for our family. I just picked up the Talking Heads Stop Makin... 
Surround Sound Processor Suggestions
Michael Fremer from Stereophile did a review on the Matantz seperates, he loved them. About 5k new for the pair. I'm sure that dealers are discounting at about 30%. 
Blue Ray Concert discs
Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott's is a pretty good one. Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds at Radio City Music Hall. David Gilmour Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Led Zeppelin This song Remains the Same. (NIN) Nine Inch Nails Live Beside You in Time.El... 
Which Integrated tube amp?
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blue ray player that has excellent cd sound?
Denon has a new universal player coming out. It will be a flagship player for them. Denon DVDA1UDCI. It is going to be rather expensive but revolutionary. You can check it out on their website. 
DENON AVR3808ci vs Integra DHC9.9 Pre/Pro
Personally, I think Denon kicks Onkyo's but as far as quality control is concerned. I like the network features of the Denon. The GUI is superior on Denon products when compared to Onkyo. I hated Onkyo's clunky GUI. Also major delay time when swit... 
Sim Audio W-5 Fuse blew half way on the pre amp
I used to have a W5 that would shut off when I would turn the volume high while playing a record. I was using an Audio Research SP10 for my preamp. It was so frustrating I sold the Sim. I felt that I did not have a proper impedence match between m... 
HELP me choose an AV reciever or processor please
You don't mention what your budget is. That would really help toward a recommendation. I have not read any good reviews on the latest AV receiver offerings from Sony. The most favored pieces on AVS are from Denon, Pioneer and Marantz. Onkyo's are ... 
DTS HD Master & Dolby True HD set up
I'm pretty sure my 2500 decodes and sends the signal pcm if I choose that option. You can do it in the set up menu. I'm pretty positive that this player gives both options. 
Unusual Cable Brands
I own a couple of great inteconnects from a company called Sine Audio. Sine makes very high quality, esoteric high end speaker cables, interconnects and power cords. they are virtually unknown here in the states. Very popular in Asia. I swapped al... 
New LP's and Warping
That's why VPI has a perephiry clamp.