Are members not leaving feedback anymore?

Joined in 2003.

If I purchase something should I not get positive feedback? I paid, what else is there for a buyer to do on their end?

Is this a case of holding feedback hostage, whereas the seller waits to receive positive feedback first? In the past I noticed "dealers" had a tendancy to do this. Now it's not exclusive to them.

I've purchased 4-5 items in the last 2 years, and havent received a single feedback from any of these "members".

So what happens? I don't leave any feedback either. I don't want to ask for feedback, and I shouldn't have to.

Before Agon with an eBay style businees model, this was a very well respected site –at least it was when I joined.

Is etiquette a thing of the past? Is it a reach to use the term "members" anymore?

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This is a pet peeve of mine as well, bought a turntable 3 months ago, offered 90% of the buyers asking price which he declined and I moved on, he contacted me at a later date that he was willing to make the deal and I wrapped the deal up with quick payment and left him positive feedback but he never bothered to give me mine and I just figured that he was upset he didn't get his asking price. Bought another table two weeks ago, a brand new VPI Scout in a sealed factory box at a great price, I used the buy it now option and left positive feedback again to which the other party never responded. My two previous transactions I did before these two I had to ask them to leave my feedback, I have 100% positive feedback with close to 100 transactions already so I am just moving on, but thanks to the OP for a chance to vent a little.
And by the way, love your avatar, Who me worry.
I know,it is irritating.I always leave feedback and less than 50% leave any for me.I 've been a member here since 2000 and it didn't used to be that way.
I always leave feedback and always send a note stating “I left you great feedback, please do the same. “. That usually does the trick. 
I usually wait for a buyer to leave feedback before I do. Just in case there is an issue with the sale.
Feedback is harder to come by now than it was in earlier days. It's also understandable as it's meaningless in some cases.
Case in point was a fairly recent incident where feedback was removed by agon because it did not suit the person receiving the feedback. Not that said feedback was negative but it stated that "unfortunately communication was non existent " The receiver of this feedback complained to agon and it was removed. It was honest feedback. So this feedback system is really not a good way to judge. My way is to contact and see how they respond.
Across all of these sites, there are less Professional sellers. eBay captures the Global market and will have the largest percentage of immature sellers.This has been trending for several years now. I suspect that these unsavory characters have found their way here on the 'Gon.
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I’am just venting too *sigh*...and I understand I have enough feedback as I’ve been on Agon a long time, and not receiving one here or there is not a big deal.

But it’s the principle, and seems more rampant now more than ever. Plus I like to see “recent” feedback, since it’s on a two tier system now. People are just too lazy. That, and I believe sellers like to play the wait game, and by the time I receive my item and feel all is AOK, they’ve long forgotten about the deal.