Any vintage tuners with a small footprint?

Most vintage tuners are wide -- made to stack on similarly sized components. Are there any tuners with a small, space-saving footprint? Perhaps deeper than wide? And cheap, because I don't listen to radio that often but need to have my occasional fix of "This American Life."
I had a Sony ST-80W that was quite compact. I'd guess it was about the size of a large box of pop tarts on its side. It does an ok job as a tuner.

Should be able to get one around $25 or so. If you're interested, send me an email & I'll send you a link with a write up.

I remember Parasound made a tuner that was more conventional looking in a smaller package.
Sony made in the 80's a really nice, small, great sounding tuner, ST-V7, I believe was the model #. Hard to find but you see them Ebay occasionally.
Here you go:

not vintage, but might sound better, sells for about $80, and has a very small footprint - plus a remote
For vintage, Technics ST-C01 or one of their other micro series tuners may fit what you're looking for. For non-vintage, Parasound Z-series and Teac Reference come to mind. Pro-ject also makes some very bitty little components including a tuner, but I know absolutely nothing about them.
One of the better tuners made was a Naim model I heard 20 years ago that had an extremely small front profile. I don't know if it is cheap as a used model, but I would suspect it still commands a decent used price.
Hi hifi hit it right on the head. I paid $60 including shipping, and it blows away some of the hi end tuners I have. Things do get better and cheaper.
Dougdeacon ~ one of the best links I checked out in awhile, thanks for the laugh.
This vintage FM tuner has an even smaller footprint than the one Doug suggested, and offers much better appearance as well.

-- Al
Analog - Sansui Models TU555, TU666 & TU777 all round dial horizontal format am/fm tuners. The 555 good sound but needs a strong signal the 666 and 777 are very sensitive.

Digital the TEAC T-H300 and the T-H500 the 500 is really a quite exceptional tuner for the price they are currently selling for.

FWIW I currently own and use the Sansui 555, 666 and 2 of the Teac T-H500's