Any vintage tuners with a small footprint?

Most vintage tuners are wide -- made to stack on similarly sized components. Are there any tuners with a small, space-saving footprint? Perhaps deeper than wide? And cheap, because I don't listen to radio that often but need to have my occasional fix of "This American Life."
I had a Sony ST-80W that was quite compact. I'd guess it was about the size of a large box of pop tarts on its side. It does an ok job as a tuner.

Should be able to get one around $25 or so. If you're interested, send me an email & I'll send you a link with a write up.

I remember Parasound made a tuner that was more conventional looking in a smaller package.
Sony made in the 80's a really nice, small, great sounding tuner, ST-V7, I believe was the model #. Hard to find but you see them Ebay occasionally.
Here you go:

not vintage, but might sound better, sells for about $80, and has a very small footprint - plus a remote
Naim or Linn might be options.
For vintage, Technics ST-C01 or one of their other micro series tuners may fit what you're looking for. For non-vintage, Parasound Z-series and Teac Reference come to mind. Pro-ject also makes some very bitty little components including a tuner, but I know absolutely nothing about them.
The Meridian 104 was a decent tuner with a small footprint.
One of the better tuners made was a Naim model I heard 20 years ago that had an extremely small front profile. I don't know if it is cheap as a used model, but I would suspect it still commands a decent used price.
Meridian 104 as mentioned, also Quad.
Hi hifi hit it right on the head. I paid $60 including shipping, and it blows away some of the hi end tuners I have. Things do get better and cheaper.
Dougdeacon ~ one of the best links I checked out in awhile, thanks for the laugh.
Glad to be of service, Ludi Magister.
This vintage FM tuner has an even smaller footprint than the one Doug suggested, and offers much better appearance as well.

-- Al
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Thanks, everyone. Great suggestions! The new Sony sounds like a good bet...
Analog - Sansui Models TU555, TU666 & TU777 all round dial horizontal format am/fm tuners. The 555 good sound but needs a strong signal the 666 and 777 are very sensitive.

Digital the TEAC T-H300 and the T-H500 the 500 is really a quite exceptional tuner for the price they are currently selling for.

FWIW I currently own and use the Sansui 555, 666 and 2 of the Teac T-H500's