Kuzma Stabi S? Need a small footprint turntable

Reconstituting my system in our new smaller space. Looking for the turntable to build upon. The Stabi S is intriguing because of it's small size. Anyone have any experience with it? Also thinking about a TD124 in a compact size plinth and a Rega P9.
Wilson Bensch Full Circle 12" round I went from a Bluenote
to the WB because of it's small footprint
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Another small footprint table you could look into is the Well Tempered Simplex, smaller version of the Amadeus. Many fans of Well Tempered tables (complete with golf ball!) on this forum and elsewhere. Myself included. The Amadeus was my first high quality table, and much beloved.
Point of clarification. Dhcod is correct, the Stabi S is a plinthless, small-footprint table. The Stabi mentioned by Elizabeth is a standard sized oak plinth model with a heavy oak and plate glass lid. But I believe hers is also a Stabi S.

From the Kuzma website I see they also offer a Stabi SD.

I've owned a Stabi (not S) with a Stogi Reference arm for many years and based upon its design and construction (leading to fine performance) I would not hesitate to recommend any Kuzma product.
The Basis 1400, 2000 and 2001 tables are very compact and excellent performers. also, if you like vintage, the Empire 208 is excellent.
Another recommendation for the SME Model 10. The footprint is the same size as an lp record and only the armboard and stylus guard protrudes. I've owned one since 2001 and it has always been superb and never put a foot wrong.
SME 10 can not adjust speed precisely I've tried. Look at the Brinkmann Bardo, seems like a good table with no frills just a great DD design.
Dhcod: You could also consider the direct-drive Brinkmann Bardot, which is structurally similar to the Stabi S in that it has a minimalist plinth (I don't consider either to be plinthless).

Turntable Weights is advertising that they have a pre-owned Bardot for sale. Wish I had the money (smile)!


kind regards, jonathan
I'm listening to my Stabi S/Stogi S with a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood as I write this and can whole heartedly endorse this table. As Elizabeth points out, it isn't THAT small as a matter of practicality and still takes up a full audio shelf, but its attractive and sounds great.

Elizabeth, are you suggesting the arm fluid should be filled below the 'fill line' in the cup?
Rsf507 wrote..
SME 10 can not adjust speed precisely I've tried. Look at the Brinkmann Bardo, seems like a good table with no frills just a great DD design....

Nonsense. The SME 10 speed control is absolutely precise.