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Latin Female Singers - Any suggestions?
I recognize a couple that you mention. Here is 2 that I very much enjoy, although differing from the style's you mention:Rosa Passos - folk, jazzChiara Civello - 'Last Quarter Moon' ; pop? easy listening? 
Does Stereo Knight still exist?
I believe that he is still in business, but not certain. Suggest that you email James directly - 
Floorstanders with a large sweetspot
I owned Tekton Uruz and was very pleased with their off axis ability (even wide off axis), but they were designed to use the wall behind to reinforce the bass and had have the front panel of the speaker 32" - 36" from the wall in my room. 
Saw Emmylou Harris last night.
"Just had to tell someone"I understand! As wonderful a singer and musician as she is, certainly even a more wonderful person. Saw her years ago,... mid 70's at a little place called the Smiling Dog Saloon in Ohio. Had no idea who she was at the ti... 
Is blending power tube brands recommended?
I'm no expert, but yes, seeing that they are all 7951 it is safe to try. 1 EH & 1 Fisher on each channel set up to mirror the other channel. 
Which components are "stupid good"?
I already mentioned a couple and agree with de Havilland Ultraverve preamp; but forget to mention Tekton Uruz speakers, if you listen to lighter fare,... acoustical, jazz, early music, & vocalists, etc. For the 1st 6 months I had to ask myself... 
Which components are "stupid good"?
Over the years these are the 2 that struck me as silly goodPlacette passive preamp - resister based, which is excellent in some set ups.Canbridge Audio 840C CDP 
Cleveland, OH
Thanks for the wonderful invite, may take you up on that. 
Highest quality Internet Radio stations
Check out, several 256kB+ classical stations:, Avro & Bartok from Europeand for Jazz; 
Best Cables for around $500
For what it is worth; This is how I would look at it:If you want to add some "warmth" to the sound of your system consider the Cardas Neutral Reference and if you want improved clarity or detail than try the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. Both are... 
American Folk/Bluegrass music to die for
Have to agree with several already listed. These may be from a different point of view, but great music & excellent recordings. Jorma Kaukonen - Blue Country HeartBill Frisell - NashvilleHank Dogs - half smileBela Fleck - The BlueGrass Session... 
Great Lost Lps...
Spirit-"The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus"Chicago Transit AuthorityBoz Scaggs (self titled, 1969)All 3!, heavy rotation back in the day & still check them out on a the rare day.And off the top, how about:HawkwindRock 'n' Roll Animal - Reed, ... 
Best CD Player HDCD under $1000US
The best I've had at that price point (used) was the Cambridge Audio 840c. It isn't HDCD enabled & I only have a dozen or so hdcd's, but they all sounded a touch better than than the redbook cd's. And the redbook's sounded great. IMHO, a true ... 
Power cord VH Audio Flavor 4 vs Nordost Brahma
I have zero experience with Nordost, but have had the VH 4 for years. And have found it to be an excellent budget cord for amps. Value wise, certainly beyond the $150 that they go for used. Clean, free flow power is how I would describe it. For th... 
Windham Hill an audiophile label?
Cool project & great posting's. Have to agree, certainly many of the WH are of audiophile quality and ahead of their time in some regards. I was on a spiritual quest to the east back in 80 and many a WH cassettes were copied & passed aroun...