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Best power tube for Rogue Audio M120 Magnum
Thanks for responding,ended up purchasing the KT-90EH,described as being a little more dynamic than the Kt-88's.Good Listening! 
Looking for tube preamp with remote volume ??
I've been extremely pleased w/Rogue Audio Magnum 99(tube).Pairing mine with tube monoblocks but have read that it is commonly used w/SS amp.Under $1500 used 
Wharfedale Opus speaker line
Hi,I'm not familiar with the Opus line,but I have a pair of Emerald 97 by Wharfedale and love them (partly because of the great pricing) Used them for a couple of years in a budget 2 channel system and just couldn't bring myself to sell them when ... 
Best Neil Young Album?
He's not on my playlist too often these days,but he was my favorite back in the day.Live Rust would have to be the 1 for me.Saw it live at William & Mary College in Va.But Zuma,Decade,Everybody knows..,After the Goldrush etc,etc.He really was ... 
Von Schweikert VR4jr's in a 15' x 12' Room?
Bass could be an issue depending on wall sufacesand desired listening levels.Never used traps,that could be a solution I still say buy em,but of course best if you can demo 1st.I just purchased a pair and they are remarkablefor the investment.My r... 
Reliablity of Jolida equipment
I purchased a used Jolida JD1501(hybrid integrated amp)a little over 1 year ago.It has been maintenance(biasing is not necessary with the integrated amps) and trouble free.For the money;warm sound with power,clean with a nice soundstage and enough...