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Best internet radio
Try shoutcast com. The best i have found that has downloads for a variety of stations, some at 320 and 256 kbps.Also wksu org for folk and classical is excellent. 
Leon Russell
Yep, always had a soft spot for Leon. He still gets up to my area once a year for a show (Kent State Univ. - Ohio). This Masquerade, still gets me.EMI-Capitol put out a half way decent budget Best Of cd. 
High efficiency speakers
See a couple of sugestions that I can agree with, but if it were my situation, I'd be looking into Zu Audio, which I've owned and used with an 8w/ch 300B amp and Rethm Saadhana. Great amps hope you find the right match. 
Best high current high power $5k amp for MBL 121
Seeing that you mention a preference for tube's; you might want to add Wolcott P220 mono's to your list. Although I have no experience with MBL. the Wolcott's are exceptional and high current, power. I have seen them used in the $5-6k region. (You... 
AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC
Dev:Thanks for your advise, but I assure you i have no issues with it, and I'm certain that it won't lead to further problems. Somehow my innocent statement has been totaly misunderstood, my player looks and sounds sublime!It is a shame that you d... 
AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC
Jjurzec:Appreciate the input Jjurzec, but I way over stated that. It is more like a very slight resistance when I go to slide the door open and does seem to be a slight vacum affect; it is barely noticeable and is only on rare occasion. Certainly ... 
EL-34 tubes in Rogue M-150 amps
It has been a few years since I ran Rogue mono's, but i really enjoyed SED Winged C EL34, well balanced throughout the spectrum; solid bass, harmoniuous but not overly romantic mids and nicely extended highs. At the time it seemed to be the most n... single box reference CD player
To all your needs,... and with a sense of ease and naturalness;to my ears that is the AMR CD77. But I can only imagine that there are a few others at this level and it all comes down to individual room, system and listener. 
AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC
Yes, standby whenever it is not in use. Small amount of current except in the tube stage, so that it sounds it's best within minutes of turn on.If you mean a slight sticking when you go to slide it open;yes, I have noticed that also. Believe it to... 
Remasters: which are the good ones?
I have the 95 MCA Whos Next and think it is a good, If not great remaster. 
AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC
That was fast, you must have a dealer close by. I believe that the noise you mention is a quirk of the cd77, as mine has always done the same. I realized that I had to readjust my speaker set up slightly after the cd77 was added (moved them about ... 
AMR CD77 vs Ensemble Dirondo Drive/Dichrono Hi-DAC
Love to hear what think after a week. 
Cambridge 840c or Pioneer PD-65/Benchmark DAC 1
Sorry about that, Phill has it right, according to the Cambridge site; Dual differential DAC configuration using high-end Analog Devices AD1955 DACsBut it is avery good player. 
Remasters: which are the good ones?
Have to 2nd what Wireless 200 said, Zep and Van Halen are for the most part, disappointing. Who's Next is outstanding. Rush and Boston are pretty good. 
Cambridge 840c or Pioneer PD-65/Benchmark DAC 1
Seems that you can't find anyone that has experience with both. I haven't heard the Benchmark, but had a Bel Canto DAC1 a couple of years ago and was not impressed.(even though I like Bel Canto in general) I have owned the 840 for about a year and...