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Tekton Kat's Meow
Sorry Crankshaft, just saw your ?. Don't know if this makes sense to you, but the druid are extroverted in nature with a good dose of introverted-ness; and the tekton are introverted with a good dose of extroverted-ness. The tekton are more resolv... 
Any vintage tuners with a small footprint?
Dougdeacon ~ one of the best links I checked out in awhile, thanks for the laugh. 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Back in the day, here in Cleveland, Oh, I would have said Fantastic Steakburger on W 25,.. great burgers, long since gone. Swenson's a local Drive In chain are pretty good and supposedly the choice of Jimmy Buffet when he's in town for his annual ... 
Quality, Affordable, Preamps?
If it has to be an inexpensive tube pre...try a Dared SL 2000; $250-300 used. It doesn't have much gain and only has 2 or 3 inputs, very good for the money.If 1 input is ok than get a Placette. $600-700 used, it is passive & not tube but excel... 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
AMR CD-77 and the dac section is incredible too. 
The best CD Player for the money
For my money the best price/ performance I've had is the Cambridge Audio 840c, about $1k used. But there are a lot of good players out now. 
Beginner to Hi Rez Downloads
Ditto & Thanks for the info! 
Tekton Kat's Meow
I very happily ran the Tekton Uruz for 15 months with a Larry Moore 300B amp. The 1st 3 months I was actually doubting my ears "are they really this good at this price". Did a couple of shootouts with other well respected speakers and ended up wit... 
Where do you buy good CD recordings?
Amazon, chesky, marecordings, & berkshirerecordoutlet (great price's but no soundclips at this one) 
Have you turned your loved ones into audiophiles
And I have been asking myself, "have I shared the pleasure and joy I derive from music with my loved ones?"The answer I get, "not so much with my loved ones, but definitely with strangers." (Keeps me a good mood) 
Audio By Van Alstine Amps/Preamps
I had an earlier version of the 550 hybrid. Had it for about a year and paired it with a Placette pre and can highly recommend it. (probably a little bit less refined than I suspect the Pathos to be, but an excellent budget choice for a hybrid). N... 
Passive Preamps
Unsound is right, there are many threads on this. In a nutshell, if you have an excellent front end with sufficient output v, and you don't want to enhance (or degrade) what it offers than try a passive. If you want to hear what passive will do fo... 
Very airy sounding player under 1K used?
That is a very nice set-up, The raysonic should be great.Good luck. 
Very airy sounding player under 1K used?
By "very open airy sound", I'll take that to be transparent.I owned the Naim cd5x, which I really liked but it wasn't transparent in that it has a small soundstage. Also had a Cambridge 840, which plays way beyond it's price point and I can highly... 
Joule Electra or Wolcott Tube Amps, or...?
I have never experienced Joule-Electra amps, but thier reputation and your positive experience speak volumes. Just want to inform that the quote that was posted 'From the Wolcott ad' is actually a small section from an ameturist review I did for t...