Small footprint speakers

I am curently using an Atma-sphere set-up (MP-3 preamp and M60-Mk2.2 <60+ watt monoblocks> driving Rogers LS3/5a's(B.B.C. monitors) with their AB-1 passive subs. I need a SMALL footprint (width and depth), higher impedence (8 or more ohms) speaker having unpowered bass drivers. I listen primarily to WELL produced (yes, it does exist!) and pressed rock and pop and some jazz. Listening room is medium size very well damped (acoustically dead) and I don't usually listen at "headbanger" levels. What I'm looking for is: more bass (down to 30-35 hertz), better 3-D depth of soundstage, a little more "slam" while still maintaining the increadible sweetness and warmth of the Rogers' mid-range. Thanks!
It seems that most of what you are looking for can be found. The biggest concern is getting that 30-35 hz. range...and still having that small footprint.

Some small footprint speakers of note are the Vandersteen 1C, the Thiel 1.5 and the Meadowlark Kestrel....but all of these would need a sub to get down below 40-45 hz.

Hopefully there will be more suggestions.

Best of luck, Jim
The Thiel 1.5 should meet these specs. They have a small footprint, more than enough slam for your sized room and with your amps they should be a good fit. I have a pair of these and they are very cohesive from top-to-bottom and I really think these are as good on Jazz as I have heard. These are very authoritative speakers, for there size.

Good luck.
Silverline Panatela II, look at the A-gon for some good deals on these. Checking them i found that on paper they go down to 30hz?! And they are small too!
Soliloquy makes some superb speakers, voiced to my ears more musically involving than the somewhat analytical Thiels. They are easy to drive and a good match for OTL's or SET's. I really didn't focus on their soundstaging when I heard them, but their midrange was very natural and relaxing.
I own the the ProAc 2.5 speakers and suggest you listen to them. cheers.......
I second the Soliloquy recommendation. The 5.3 goes down to 35 and the 6.3 goes down to 25. I own a pair of 6.3s and a pair of 5.0 monitors. Love them both and they are priced very competitively. Even cheaper if you can find agood used pair. Good luck!
Merlin VSM
Audio Physic Virgo

Or get a good sub.

Oh, and I suspect you'd like the Newform Research R645.
I'd have to say the Virgo's. I drove them with great sucess with a single BAT VK60. 60W/ch. IMO, it hits your criteria perfectly.
Merlin VSM w/ BAM a great match with the Atmasphere gear.
Well, you typed the word small in caps so you must mean small. One of the smallest floorstanders I know of would be the focal daline 3.1's and Totem's arro. I heard the former and it was too bad, that was years ago. But both are bordering on 1/4 sq. ft. (6" w by 6-7" deep). I don't know if those transmission lines will get you down deep enough, but with room boundary reinforcement?? I believe the focal is even available in kit form so you could have fun building it and get a custom finish.
Check out the review in Absolute Sound current issue for the piega p-10.They have a small brother called p-8 limited at the same level of performance but smaller footprint.
I would second the choice of Merlin VSM-Millennium with the Atma-Sphere. See a recent post on of someone who uses VSM-M with the M60. Better yet, get Paul Speltz's Zero autoformers and run the M60 with half of the tubes. See link on Zero, as well as numerous posts on it on the Atma-sphere Owners Group site:
Good Luck
How about the new Coincident Partial Eclipse ($3000) or Victory ($4600, 97 dB, 14 ohms!) or even Conquest ($1900): I'd also bet your Atma-sphere would be killer with the new Green Mountain 1.5 ($4800).