Analysis Plus cables

Has anyone tried or have expierence with Analysis Plus Theater cables? Their site touts some impressive, if true, qualities of their cables and designs.
Henry Rancourt
I use their cables and have been very impressed. Their oval 9 speaker cable is the best cable I've heard in that price range. Most of their stuff gets good write ups.
I also like their Oval 9 and have tried their Blue Oval - don't know if they still make it but it is the CL 3 rated cable that can be used behind walls. It was almost as good as the Oval 9. Great values!
Very good value for $ cables-- used some of their models for 8 years & no desire to upgrade.
I just installed Black Oval 9 between my Rowland and Duevel Omni Monitors. Out of the box they are outstanding and a big step up in clarity, balance and bass from my venerable Straightwire Maestros.... I'm very pleased...