Problem with Analysis Plus Silver Crystal Ovals?

I'm trying to sort our a problem with a new set of cables and wanted to see what others think about this.

I just bought two new pairs of AP Silver Crystal Oval interconnects and discovered that one of the two sets didn't have arrows indicating direction of flow. I wasn't sure if this was an issue so I called AP and spoke with a customer service person. This person said that there weren't any technicians available but that the interconnects weren't directional "until they were plugged in". I asked if one end might be terminated differently with regard to the manner in which they were grounded and he said that he didn't think so. He suggested that I just put a mark on the preamp end so that I connect them in the same direction in the future.

To me, this seems out of step with the company's promotional literature, which says:

"AP single-ended interconnects (RCA connectors) are directional due to the grounding scheme used. We suggest you point all the arrows toward the preamp (for some this would be an integrated amp or receiver). This setup will provide a single point ground which will eliminate ground noise. If all equipment is plugged into the same outlet the grounding problem is minimized. ... We do not put arrows on the cable for directional flow but rather to implement a single point ground to create a lower noise floor."

So, I'm wondering if AP is giving me the run around here since the statement above seems inconsistent with the information I got from the customer service representative.

Can someone help me to understand how these interconnects might be grounded--and help me decide whether this enough of a concern to return the cables.

Thanks in advance.
Usually you follow the direction of the writing on the cable..Begining of the writing is the starting point and goes forward from there......The direction of the writing should be the same as the direction of the current flow...........
Weird that only one cable is marked??!! Makes me suspicious that one cable is a second. My suggestion is to call them back until you get a technician to answer your questions. Afterward, I would probably want to return them for a pair in which both cables are marked.
The Ovals are not directionally grounded. They connect the + wire to the center pin on the interconnect and the other wire to the -/ground. The shield is also connected to the -/ground at both ends, so it really doesn't matter which way you hook them up. On the other hand, once you have them in the system and broken in I believe you should continue to use them in the same direction, so it does make sense to mark that direction in some form.
Thanks everyone for your responses. This is very helpful.

They have told me they should go to the grounding source. CD player to integrated or premap. power amp to preamp. keith