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Pathos and Dynaudio
I don't have any personal experience with the T+A PA 3000 HV you mentioned, but I use the T+A Powerplant MkII with my Dyn's and I'm very happy with pairing. 
T+A Power plant MKII - cable suggestions
I've been very happy with the T+A Powerplant MKII paired with Dynaudio Focus speakers. I went with all Nordost cabling and it seems to work quite well. Is it the best amp I've ever heard? No, but it definitely is a very musical amp despite being d... 
Any thoughts on Peachtree DACiT vs. CIAUDIO VDA-2?
I agree. I demoed both the VDA-2 with the VAC-1 and the DACit and felt the VDA-2 combo was better. I felt there was more air between the instruments and the bass was definitely a bit stronger (only when combined with the Vac-1.) It worked better w... 
Nola Boxer or PMC TB2i???
Nola boxers. I sold mine last year because I upgraded but I had to spend a lot more to get a better speaker. Can't go wrong with them considering their price. 
Headphones? Anyone?
I had Grados and just recently went with the Ultrasone HFI-2400. Totally different sound and each has its positives and negatives but I'm very happy with the Ultrasones. 
T+A Power plant MKII - cable suggestions
I tried a Simaudio 340i, Arcam A28 and the T+A power plant MkII with the Dyns and found the T+A to be the best amp. The Dynaudio's just came alive with all that power. I now know why people have always said that Dynaudios love power. The Simaudio ... 
Impedance in headphones vs. speakers - confused
I really appreciate all the help! Thanks everyone! 
Impedance in headphones vs. speakers - confused
Ok. This is all starting to make sense to me now and I really appreciate your very clear and helpful answers. This has been bothering me for quite a while so it feels good to start to understand it :) Thanks!Theres's only one thing that I still do... 
Impedance in headphones vs. speakers - confused
Bombaywall, thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I admit I had to read your post a couple of times to finally understand everything but I think I got it. Math was never my strong point.So my new integrated amplifier states in the manual that on... 
integrated help please
Simaudio's Moon 340i has a built in dac. Well reviewed and well under 6000. 
Dynaudio Focus compared to Vandeersteen 3a Sigs?
I have to respectfully disagree with Ablang's remarks about the tweeter in the Dynaudio Focus series. Dynaudio is known to make some of the best tweeters in the world and most reviews of the focus series (especially the newest version) talk very p... 
T+A Power Plant ... any opinions?
Its the first gen model. I did some research last night and I think you are right - Seems like it can sound a little harsh in areas. I'll take a look at the Naim Nait XS and see if that offers the needed power requirements of the Dyn's. Thanks for... 
SimAudio i3.3 vs Naim SuperNait
I think you are looking at two excellent integrated's but personally I think the Naim is way better. You lose a bit of the detail that the Sim has over the Naim but the Naim wins in every other aspect. 
Analysis Plus cables
I use their cables and have been very impressed. Their oval 9 speaker cable is the best cable I've heard in that price range. Most of their stuff gets good write ups. 
So what is the best speaker you have ever owned?
Nola Boxer's. The closest thing I've ever heard to live music in a bookshelf speaker.