Passion for Sound on Analysis Plus and cost/benefit of spending on cables

I found this one of the most nuanced, scientific, rational discussions I have seen about cables. It keeps in mind the price vs. acoustic difference trade-offs, and the various perspectival differences of what sounds good. It raises the critical issue of diminishing returns.

If all reviews could be like this, we would be in a much better situation.

All the other youtube influencers -- who shall remain nameless but you know who's out there hyperventilating and pushing products -- should take a note. This is how you do a balanced review.


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Thanks for posting the video. I just had a handful of interconnects home and spent about 2 weeks listening to them. They definitely each sound different, some only slightly, but different. The "lowest" level one was a World's Best Cable from Amazon with the highest a Shunyata Delta. Once you leave one in your system for a while, you get used to it and could probably live with it.  It's only on comparison that you notice subtle differences. I like when the guy in the video said he had 2 cables hooked up and forgot which was which but usually listened to the one over the other. It can often be tough to pinpoint exactly why we like one over the other but we know we like listening to one more than the other. After the past 2 weeks I could easily live with any but chose a reasonably priced one that I actually preferred more than the rest by a smidge.