Your analysis of Analysis plus spk.cable

Would appreciate your opinion of the analysis plus speaker cable. Would be using it with magnepan speakers & ayre v3 amp.
This cable has been WELL covered both in the archives here and at the Audio Asylum. Seems to be very system dependent and it's a love / hate type of thing. I think that you'll really have to try it for yourself in your own system and see if it blends well or not. Sean >
I use AP's new home theater 14ga wall insulated. It is absolutly fantastic. I find it much better than the silver sonic t-14 they replaced. They are very neutral and no where near as bright as the t-14. I paid $2.30 a foot from a guy in ohio that uses it for professional ht installs and buys it by the spool. My friend had the AP silver which he sold used for $400 and replaced it with the 14ga. His system sounded better with the copper. I learned that price had nothing to do with performance in this case! He also rewired his speakers with it. Highly recommended.
I purchased a 2 run bi-wire set of AP Oval 12's for my Maggie 1.5's. Out of the box they were disappointing - very thin sounding. After 50 or so hours they are starting to sound better and I hope they continue to get better. Regardless of what people say about the quality of cables and whether or not they have a break in period its my observation that in my system they are changing for the better over time but I think its going to take quite a while before they settle in - maybe 250 hrs or so. Hey this is just my opinion....
RGD, going by the experience that i had with them, they will fill out slightly but not by a massive amount. Your assesment of appr. 250 hours is probably in the ballpark, but may vary with how much power you put through them. I ran my Oval 9's for over 500+ hrs. and thought that they were notably lean and tizzy sounding. Believe me, i was not "shy" with pumping some power through them either. On the other hand, i know others that have tried them and said that they came across as sounding "warm" in their system. Like i said, a love / hate kinda thing that's very system dependent. Sean >
I too am using Maggies and an Ayre V3. I found a bi-wired pair of Alpha-Core Goertz MI2 Veracity too be a good match with the Maggies and Ayre. Just my 2 cents...Best-Gary
Analysis Plus makes an amazing cable. I have Silver Oval speaker cable and Copper Oval IC's. These have outperformed Audioquest and MIT by a LARGE margin in my system. You need to try them in your system. I thought they were great out of the box and only got better after break-in. They brought out about 20% of music I never heard before in my discs. Highly recommended.
Have no problems with the AP Oval 9's. Been using them for about 3 months in a wide variety of system from solid state to tube amps, no problem, works great! The only speaker this thing does not work well with is the Jm Labs. Other than that it has worked with Merlins, Vienna Acoustics, Dynaudios, Sonus Fabers, Totems and EPOS.
AP cables were not designed as tone controls. Many cables color the sound from forwarding highs and upper midrange to forward and heavy bottom end with little pace. Oval 9 and the rest of the line are even from top to bottom, thus you hear your gear as it is and the speakers. They are very dynamic and honest but no way bright, hard, or in your face. They are not for hi-fi sound, they are for the music lover who wants to hear what their system is capable of. I've owned many expensive cables for over 30 years and the AP is a bargain for what you get and sonics better than many and as good as others. A fine product. 
I’ve owned Big Silver Ovals, for a number of years and feel no compulsion to explore further, for the immediately aforementioned reasons (you saved me keystrokes, phillyb).    Tube amps to Maggies, for years.    Now; tubes to Emerald Physics.    I’ll bet the OP’s decided on cables by now.    AP’s still making them though, so.......
As above, AP is a nice match for Maggies, Thiel and Vandersteen loudspeakers. Which model of AP cabling/cords? Requires an in-home demo for best outcome.
Happy Listening!