Adcom a weak link?

Interested in your opinions. My bedroom system in JSE .6 speakers, Atoll Pr5.1 and Adcom 7400. I'm using 2 channels of the Adcom. 

I've read mixed reviews on Adcom. I want to get the most out of my system, of course.

Would you replace the Adcom with a 2 channel amp, preowned under say $700? Or my other interest is a Nuprime IDA8 integrated.

I like the Atoll, that's why I'm considering another amp. My ears are not sophisticated, so if you feel the improvement would be highly subjective, please say so.

Unfortunately, no local dealers near me to demo, etc.

For what it's worth, I rotate Silverline Minuets in the system as well. So the best solution will perform well with either speaker.

I think Odessey Khartago will be a significant improvement.  
Why do you want to move away from Adcom?  Is there something that you don't like about it, or are you simply influenced by what others have to say?  I have a very elaborate/expensive system, but sometimes just listening to my Denon receiver can be as rewarding.  Once you get on the "upgrade train", you will wind up with a very thin wallet, and still be unsatisfied.
I have an old Adcom 555. When I restarted my audio purchases, I bought a McCormack DNA-1 which I sent for upgrade.  During the upgrade I used the Adcom. 
I have to say that when I installed the upgraded McC, I was surprised at how well that old Adcom performed in comparison. I may just send it in for an upgrade, too. So, maybe Stringreen has a point.
Those classic 555 and 565 models were made here in the USA! That point alone counts for their excellent sound quality. Pure MOSFET at its finest.
Thanks for your responses. 

The amp I'm using is a 5 channel, 100 wpc model. I'm really pretty happy, but sometimes wonder if I'm missing out on top end sparkle and air. I'm happy enough to not chance a small upgrade in quality.

Maybe just the room. After reading your posts I'll probably stay put.

Does the fact that is a Home Theater product matter in sound? Or is power - just power?


the 7400 is a distant relative of the 555 and 565, but if you're happy with it...
I don't know thoughts on the 555/565. If that gear has a reputation of being closed in or warm on top- that may tempt me to try something else.

My reason for posting is to try and understand the likelihood of a change making a noticeable improvement. If I change and think I may can tell a difference, I'll be dissappointed.

I enjoy a lively sound, maybe due to drumming and being 55. My phono cartridge is an AT120e- bright to some, perfect to me. I owned some Sonus Fabers and enjoyed them, but in the end chose to keep my Ushers and sold the Sonus Faber. 

Hope this helps, I do sincerely appreciate your advice/thoughts.


I owned and used the 555 and 565's. They worked well but when I got a Classe 70 in my system that was a serious upgrade. It had more drive, handled the drivers with more control, went deeper, better high end and soundstage better. Who would,have thought that a 70 watt amp would sound better than a 200 with Maggie's. However, your mileage may very considering your speakers.
Although I never had the Adcom HT series, I also owned the 555 and the 565 mono blocks. If the 565 were modded (input resistors, caps upgrade, etc), they should be keepers. But I have compared the B&K ST and Sonata vs the B&K AV series amps and there is IME a big difference in that the ST and Sonata series are more extended in the upper registers and are more revealing. You may want to try first with upgrading two channels out of five of your 7400 if you can find a reliable shop nearby.
Perhaps you should contact Musical Design-
They perform upgrades on old Adcom's. Maybe they can do some mods to yours. Their prices seem very reasonable, too
Thanks everybody. I think I'll swap some gear in and out before buying anything new. I have an integrated I can substitute and see how the system sounds. 

You never mentioned a budget for this upgrade. Which integrated are you using? 
Hi, I listed the budget on the first post.

(Around $700 for a preowned amp or I'll probably look at Integrated like the Nuprime IDA-8.) 

I have an Anthem 225 Integrated in another system I can use to replace the Atoll/Adcom gear. The Anthem does not offer 'preamp in', so my options are limited. It will at least give me an idea.

Thanks, I appreciate your opinion and feedback.
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Hmm, I'll have to think about this.
How much power do you need for your speakers?
50 wpc of quality power will probably be fine. (if I even need that much.) I'm sending the low frequencies to a sub and don't listen at high volumes. 
if you're asking as a general matter whether upgrading your amp will make a significant difference, i think most  would agree that it does. i never had the 7400, but i had the 5400 (which i believe is the same series and general architecture) as well as the 545 and 555mkii (which was very good). the 5400 was okay but (as others have opined) not as transparent or detailed as my (comparably situated) parasound hca, acurus or b&k.
And, can I ask, what speakers are you using/considering? Also, is it a small or large room? Do you want it loud or are just listening and relaxing?

FYI- The speakers are Infinite Slope .6 and Silverline Minuet. The bedroom is approx 16x14 with speakers on the 16' wall. I listen at low to moderate volume while relaxing, reading, etc. 
Are you using both pairs at the same time? or Alternating?
The Infinite Slope, by a quick Google, seem to be a bit on the vintage side age-wise.
Like I said, if you get Musical Design to upgrade some of the internals, I think you should be able to get as much sound definition as possible, for as little cost. By doing that, then I would think that the Adcom wouldn't be a weak link.
I alternate between speakers. The Infinite Slope give a pretty detailed presentation and the Minuets are great little speakers, too. I can see trying a pair of DeCapo or something similar in the future.

If I decide to replace the amplifier, I'll keep the Adcom for home theater, etc. But before I spend very much I'll consider an integrated.

The Nuprime IDA8 is interesting to me because of the form factor and because they will offer a wifi dongle in the future. That will move me toward hires Tidal playback in that room, which I like.

Thanks for the ideas, I ordered a Fiio dac ($14)to use between my Roku/tv and preamp to see if I can hear a difference. I can always use it elsewhere later.