a observation on Coldplay

You may say what you will about their music but what grabs me is the lovely chemistry they have... the four sods have gobs of it.If you have ever played in bands you know how hard that part is to find.Peace
That is true. Although, Chris Martin seems to be succumbing to Prima Donna syndrome after the last couple of recent shows I've seen.
I agree about music, I also agree about Chris Martin
I agree and think Coldplay are wonderful. As for Chris Martin, I don't see it as my right or responsibility to have an opinion of someone that I have never met "personally".

I love the music of Mile Davis, but I have read books and seen documentaries that show that he was a terrible husband and father. I just (try to) separate personal and professional. The music is what the artist give us and I leave it at that.

As for Mr. Martin being a Prima Donna, I always liked when Bono (U2) did his act. Watching a Christian dress up as a "Washed Up Devil" is sarcasm at it's finest and very entertaining. "Celebrity" is something that a person should never get good at. Peace!

Great response Brian...just because someone is a schmuck doesnt negate the fact that he/she is a wonderful musician.
Great band …

Fist CD was fantastic

It's an old story ... if you could just freeze chemistry. REM, U2, even the Stones seem to put way too much effort into writing/recording the more time tics on. Springsteen’s new attempt at “getting back to his roots” is dismal in comparison to Nebraska, Asbury Park or Darkness. Nothing against any of them … just an observation. I keep buying the music so I’d be a hypocrite to diss on them all too much.

Maybe it’s transcending from starvation to caviar … Hamm’s to Dom Perignon?

Looking forward to seeing Coldplay live – maybe this summer.
Mmmmm...I really enjoyed Coldplay's debut it was charming and innocent and could be enjoyed on that level.
However the second one seemed like an attempt to pull off something that was flawed in conception and execution.
It really did seem to be trying (some of the lyrics are awful)to be full of life experience moments but merely sounding like a young man's angst.It had it's moments but they really do seem like Diet-Radiohead.

In comparison to a record like The Bends or even OK Computer they are nowhere.

I do look forward to the new one and you can dress it up how you like but Chris Martin has issues (ego,fame,hair etc.),sure we all do but we don't all front a band whose record just sold 11 million and insists in talking to the press and making some er..interesting statements.

It'll be interesting to see if the new in June is worth the time and effort they've put in.The NME in the UK yesterday gave it 9 out of 10 in their review but it didn't read like that interesting a record.....time will tell
That's why they are famous and selling albums. They make good music.

Although so is Ashley Simpson -- there goes my theory.

Cold Play, Green Day, Linkin Park, etc. are all bands that take what they do seriously, and it shows in their music. Others tend to just find riffs that sound good, add a gimmick, and hit the charts.

I agree about the ethics thing. If you judged a persons personal life instead of listening just for the music part, you wouldn't have much to listen to.
I love thier first cd and currently enjoying thier latest cd. I especially like the track " The Scientist"!
"In comparison to a record like The Bends or even OK Computer they are nowhere"

At last ... that's what I have always thought. I don't particularly care for the newer Radiohead albums, but I am shocked at the attention Coldplay receive. To me they are an above average pop band, but their contributions to music pale alongside Radiohead.

The only reason I think that Coldplay have received so much attention is because of a dearth of competition.
Yup, what Ben says.
Until a few weeks ago, I couldn't identify Chris Martin in a police lineup if you offered me a million dollars and I still haven't listened to even 30 seconds of Coldplay.

Now I dont want to start rumours but since this AUDIOGON and not National Enquirer or Hello! Magazine, here is my "observation on Coldplay":

I was not feeling well on a flight back from New York from London so I upgraded my ticket to first class.

(Under normal circumstances, I would much rather spend the extra few thousand on audio and just fly business class, but I really felt terrible and wanted to sleep.)

To my surprise and curiosity, I was seated just next to Gwyneth Paltrow, who I then noticed was carrying her baby and trailed by her scruffy, just dragged in by the cat, Britpop husband.

She was very chatty - even a bit FLIRTY - but otherwise devoted to her small baby and perfectly polite -- at least when she was not shooting daggers at Mr Martin.

I wish I had a penny for every time Chris Martin:

1) pushed his hair back with both hands

2) gazed off into space avoiding eye contact with me and every other passenger with a cheesey "I am a famous rock star" slack jawed gaze and/or

3) STARED into the smokey mirrors on the walls of the cabin to admire himself while SUCKING IN HIS CHEEKS?!?!

All this from a guy who probably weighs 145 pounds after a steak dinner and a half gallon of Haagan Daz.

So maybe he is the world's greatest musician and if that is true, I would be happy to give him credit for musicianship.

But chemistry? Charisma? Forget it.

Saying this guy might be a bit of a Prima Donna would be kind of like saying that Keith Richards may have experimented with drugs.

Cw ... who knows what might have happened in the run up to the flight. Have you not learned to not judge someone by how they look (or your interpretation of how they look) ?

I'm not saying that he's necessarily a great guy, but the fact that he has chosen to spend some of his effort promoting Oxfam and fair trade suggests to me that he is also not entirely a bad person.

I'm not particularly impressed by their pleasant, but forgetable music, but I think you were a rather too damning on slim evidence.

Maybe he'd had a really crappy day ?

I think your defense of Mr Martin was very gentlemanly which I respect.

And perhaps you are right, maybe he is a complete peach of a guy.

Frankly, I could care less one way or the other.

But for the purposes of this thread, my gut says I should side with the "prima donna" vote.