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Can you tell me why I didn't like the Reference 3a MM's?
I have been living with a pair of Reference 3a De Capo i speakers for 16 years the silk tweeter version.I run them on VTL tiny triodes at roughly 25 watts a side in triode mode.A marriage made in heaven.I would not blame the speaker.Its not the ri... 
Anyone know what the situation is with Audio Aero?
Wait for one to hit the market.I wouldn't pay more than 1,500 for one.As long as the transport works the electronics seem bomb proof.Mine has 15 years of continuous use.Never turn it off and replaced subminiature tubes only once because I felt lik... 
I have been listening to the Decapo-i for ever since they were offered and the Vtl tiny triodes at 35 watts a side in triodes mode.What a great speaker amp combo.Their is as was mentioned a realism to the speakers that defies the mediocre speaker ... 
Where is the significant point of diminishing returns on hi-end turntable?
Audio manufacturers love it when they have fooled people that more expensive = better or newer = better.Its all hype smoke mirrors and masks.I would have more respect for the question if it were about the least costly turntable arm and cart that s... 
What happened to Audio Aero?
12years of constant use without a problem.Where can I find more boat anchors like this.Lol 
Does the magnetic levitating platter make all other designs superfluous.No bearings!
Geoffkait is correct.But this may be a hurdle less high to jump than previous designs.The question is how serious are they in perfecting this concept.Do they have the engineering chops to do it right. 
Does the magnetic levitating platter make all other designs superfluous.No bearings!
Wait till you see the whites of its eyes or the levitation of the platter yourself.Oh and I almost forgot...listen to how it sounds. 
Which Referance 3A Dulcets Be / MM Decapo Be or Episode Be
I run my Decapo i (non beryllium) with the VTL tiny triodes latest edition.The Dulcets are sufficient for your room size but will not go as deep as the decapo.You really don't need more than 10 watts to drive these speakers.Amazing efficiency.Spen... 
When will we ever hear turntables demoed fairly?
So my final takeaway on my original question is that you can't achieve any real comparison that means anything objectively.So all claims about the superiority of a given piece of equipment must be taken with a grain of salt perhaps half a grain.As... 
When will we ever hear turntables demoed fairly?
Here's the point of my original statement.That reviews are essentially nonsense,hyperbolic drivel that is designed to really do one thing.Keep the hamster on the wheel(that's you).If technical data were the sole criteria we wouldn't have this high... 
Why do I keep torturing myself with remasters?
It's a scam for young audio fools.I tell them all the time to save their 30.00 or 40.00 bucks and search out the original pressings.The search is where the fun and education happens. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
The soundlab speakers driven by VTL electronics.For a fraction of what you can spend on speakers the way everything in a soundfield is reproduced is uncanny.They have a "spook" factor of 11 on a 1-10 scale.Imagine getting one of the greatest speak... 
Tube amp for Reference 3A - SET or push-pull?
VTL tiny triodes. 
New reference 3a decapo i with Beryllium tweeter.
Thanks to all. 
power cable length importance
The length of the cable matters only if you are the size of an electron being whipped about in nano space.In short no one who is a human being can hear any difference.Sorry to dispel your mythos but thats life kiddo.