Coldplay X&Y New Release

I just accidentally caught Coldplay doing a small venue relase performance on MTV2 of their new Album X&Y. All I can say if the energy I just witnessed translates into the studio versions of this new material, we are all in for a treat!
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my prediction is album of the year
We are currently having a "Listening Party" tonight and tomorrow. The album sounds awesome. Peace!

I too dig Coldplay. Great band, great lyrics.

I just wish Mr. Martin would do his music and shut up with his politics. Of course, when you become as important to the world as He now believes He is, it's hard to resist straightening everybody out!

lol ha lol Keep politics out of music LOL please stop LOL you dont mean to tell me you dont listen to any musicians who have strong politcal messages lol pleas stop lol who do you listen to ?lol

If they would shut up or run for office,I would be happy.


It's not the politics in the music..I listen to Neil Young, so I can handle politics IN the music.

It's the tendency these dolts have to use their "fame" to spout crap outside of music that bothers me. Hollywood types do the same thing...they feel that their accomplishment in their craft makes them authorities in public and political arenas as well. I mean, I think Martin Sheen is a great actor, but his political views are somewhat whacked to me.

To quote Zappa once again- "Shut up and play yer guitar!"
Coldplay is one of the best bands to come out in the past few years. excellent music. brings back hope that not all music is turning into crap.
i just wish that bush would refrain from using the airwaves for his political music.

At least Bush was elected, which means it's his job to sling the shit.. :)
Politics aside ... I am curious whether the Coldplay's X&Y is Copy Controlled in all regions. I know the Canadian verison will have CC ... What about USA, UK, Japan, Australian version. I am f' fed up with EMI and CC, as the last two discs with Copy Control 'protection' will not play in my emmLabs CDSD, without producing annoying clicks, snaps and pops. Rather than risk wasting my money on the Canadian disc, I want to find an unprotected version. Has anyone had any problems playing their X&Y on a high-end CDP due to the dreaded Copy COntrolled disc technology ?
I read a magazine that interviewed Martin, he is an idiot, I enjoy pop and rock like anyone else, but if you think it takes a big brain to write what coldplay does you are atleast as guilty of being an idiot as they are. They have been called "the next U2"....that fits me fine because U2 were another bunch of self-important assholes.
And yes I bought the "Rush" CD from C.P., I guess I drank the Kool-Aid that time.
I am pretty cool with people calling them Genious..he can be King of the idiots.
Not that critics make up our minds for us, they at least give us food for thought. In this past Sunday's New york Times, on the front page of one of the sections, there was a review of the latest Coldplay--not very flattering. I think every fan of Coldplay and fan of pop/rock should read this. I am a fan of the pop/rock genre, but Coldplay leaves me, well, a little cold.
Speaking of political statements in pop music: I'm a big fan of Bright Eyes music. Love the recent single, "When the President talks to God". It's currently a free download at the Apple Music Store. Sounds to me like a combination of Dylan and Beck on that particular tune. He's an acquired taste for sure.

Coldplay? I can take'em or leave'em. Don't know nothing about their politics but don't see a damn thing wrong with using a public position to speak ones mind. Don't understand why so many Americans get so riled up over someone speaking their opinions about politics. Some folks seem to view speaking about your politics (especially if it does not agree with their own) as if the offending party sodomized a chicken on public television during primetime. As far as the music goes, pop is as pop does. Stupid is...well...stupid is as Bush does (since we're speaking of idiots here).


Why do you call Bush stupid?

It's the bald dude with the shades Albert....he bugs me! He got the bad mojo! My dog told me so! Watch out for him! He's likely to be responsible for some really bad policy decisions that had the band playing those huge-ass venues where the acoustics are about as good as my bathroom with your head planted halfway into the toilet (don't ask me how I know that).

I believe some of the best classic rock-n-roll albums were recorded with someone's head planted halfway into a toilet.

I think it was a toilet...

I think Howard Dean could be a chicken phucker, he is crazy enough!
I believe some of the best classic rock-n-roll albums were recorded with someone's head planted halfway into a toilet.

That would've been the recording engineer. Probably looking for the right place to store the master tapes. If only they would've flushed!
Howard Dean- The Republican's best friend.
Purchased the album this morning and gave it a listen over coffee. It is FANTASTIC! I am actually excited about going home to give it a another listen this evening. The Recording is excellent as well.

Chris (The_kid),

I wish I could same, but my experience differs. I already heard the leaked version of X&Y last week and I must say I was underwhelmed with the record. I think I have to agree with the reviews by and NY Times. It is enjoyable, but not great !

Nonetheless, I bought the disc today and unfortunately, it is Copy Controlled (Canada version). Within 5 seconds of listening to the first track on my emmlabs CDSD, I heard the expected snaps, crackles, and pops that I have heard on the last 3 EMI discs I have bought in the last few months featuring this corrupted technology. Fortunately, the record store promised they would accept it back in the event that it was unplayable. Unfortunately, I understand the EMI will eventually use this technology worldwide in the near future. They desperately need to fix this technology to ensure that legal consumers can freely play back these discs in all CD players !
If Chris Martin is a great lyricist then I'm a brass band.

Only heard the album twice but the lyrics are awful.
Wow.. Maybe I am missing the mark or buying the wrong music. I am digging it.


I have read your reviews and really agree with what you have to say and agree with your impressions. I am surprised...

Just got it and am on song five as of this post. Wow, this is really good. Goodbye U2, it's been a great ride, at least from 1980 to 1984.
I'm intending a full review on Lugs along with a whole pile of other stuff.
I am far from making the definitive judgement on the music at this stage but it is clear already that lyrically it really is sub par.Moon in June wouldn't cover it.

I pose a challenge to those raving about this record and yes I can hear that some of the music sounds intially very good.
With the exception of Fix It who really grasps what any of these songs are about?
Maybe it doesn't matter but Coldplay are being touted as the next big "statement" band.
Consider the best lyrics of Stipe,Yorke and even the Bono at the same age and tell me that Chris Martin has even a fraction of their invention,craft or individuality.
All I hear are platitudes, really bad rhymes and some kind of other worldy wishy washy "searching".

I am not saying the album is a turkey as clearly there is some real talent in the band BUT as the band of the moment I have to ask.
What is it exactly Coldplay are saying?
Of course not many people care about that and it might explain why their last album sold ten million copies.
This is their time for sure.

Very nice reply and I totally see your point. While I am a Music Junkie and my favorite artists are somewhat out of the norm or the popular music realm. (Paul Westerberg, Mike Ness/Social Distortion, Ryan Adams, Afgan Whigs, Wilco, etc)

I guess I do not examine or base as much importance on lyrical context or content. Maybe I should pay a little more attention to it. I look for music that moves me and gets my feet moving. Anyway, I will look very forward to reading your reviews as I truly enjoyed your review on the Waterboys and Radiohead on Lugs Reviews.

As I have only listened to the new ColdPlay three times now, hopefully I will figure out exactly what they are saying myself.


Ben, nice word..PLATITUDES.
Don't get me wrong I believe a great tune with bad lyrics is still a great tune.
Great lyrics on their own without the music isn't much-the magic happens when they blend and ignite and it DOESN'T need to be profund.
I listen to a wider range of music, a fair bit of it instrumental.
I just feel if Coldplay are the rightful successors to the throne as they are so often heralded as then they should have the whole package. Chris Martin in lyrical terms just doesn't deliver.
I have the previous 2 coldplay albums, and I'm rather lukewarm about them, I guess like Ben. So is the latest offering about the same, or better ? Or should I wait for it to turn up in the sale/used racks like I wish I had for the previous 2 ?
They have been described as "music for bed-wetters"...I would have to agree...Gwen is pretty hot though....
"They have been described as "music for bed-wetters"..."

Perhaps that's why I'm lukewarm about them ? naughty rascal! Im not a doctor...but perhaps...
"I just want something I can put on and ignore."
- Rob Gordon, "High Fidelity"
Coldplay's monotonous droning serves that purpose well.

It seems that Coldplay wants to be considered "brilliant" just the same as many young people desperately try to be "cool".