Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head"

I just got this CD from BMG music club. My copy seems to be overly bright, harsh and grainy. The more "acoustic" passages are listenable, but the "rocking" passages are crowded and indistinct. Does anyone concur with this?
I agree -- the CD seems compressed to me. A friend has the vinyl version which sounds a lot better to us both.
I fully concur. It really sucks because I like the band a lot, but it's hard to listen to. "Parachutes" is no better.
Yeah same thing. Parachutes is much, much better!
ditto...but the music is great
I have both of their albums on CD and the compression is terrible. Probably done when mastering ... it seems to be popular to compress the hell out of albums when mastering CDs.

I was somewhat underwhelmed with the music also. If that's the best the UK can produce these days then these are lean times for UK music.

They don't hold a candle to the Radiohead's early albums "The Bends" and "OK Computer" IMHO.
Since this record was so popular, maybe it's subject to an SACD or DVD-A re-release. I don't know which of the two formats their label prefers, if any...
Pick up a Catherine Wheel album:
"Adam & Eve"
"Happy Days"

They are Coldplay with cojones, and better production as well.
I just went to Acoustic Sounds to check out the album, it's friggin' 30 bucks! It's not worth that much to me. Now what.
Sadly more proof I'm not an audiophile-the music is decent no more than that but the recording seemed okay to me.
Read the fine print. I think the album includes a fold-out poster of a Gwyneth Paltrow. Still no takers?
I have the lp, it has always seemed agressive too me, I always end up putting it away after a couple minutes.
I agree with Boa2, Catherine Wheel is a great band and much under rated
Gwyneth hmm....just how much is she wearing?