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Best sounding SACD disc?
Quite often I use the "4 Generations of Miles" disk to demo to my friends. Even the ones that aren't jazz fans can appreciate the sound and music. 
Fake plants behind speakers a good idea?
I don't know what type of speakers that you have, but many maggie users, utilize silk ficus trees behind their speakers for diffraction. Contrary to what beavis says, the do apparently work. 
good recordings of Bob Marley
I wouldn't say that they are "Audiophile" grade, but being a huge Marley fan, I generally stick with the Tuff Gong releases or the remasters of them. I've been burned by so many others, as there are a scores of questionable recordings of this grea... 
Learning about my room and my sound..
Peter_s, I fdund this while browsing around. 
Learning about my room and my sound..
You're ok with the questions, how else are you gonna find out. I use the Stereophile Test Disc 3. It has High/Mid/Lows. Make sure that you obtain the correction values for that meter. I wish I could tell you where I got 'em, but I forgot. Just goo... 
Magnepan 3.6R biamp crossover
I would definately go with an active crossove. No matter what parts you upgrade your passive one with, it won't likely match an active one. I would look for the Marchand, Behringer, DBX DriveRack?, or others. Start with two amps (1 on mid/tweeter,... 
carpet under speakers?
I think that what you are asking about is a little square of carpet under the speakers, and not the entire floor. Well, it does protect the floor, and also there is a possiblity that if you use discs under spikes on bare floor, the will be some bu... 
Graphic Equalizer --Ugh
I agree with Eldartford. I suspect that some of the "reliability" issues with Behringer were older units that were abused on the road. In your situation I can't see you having any problems. Also, Dirtyraggamuffin, what company doesn't have suspect... 
Why aren't component active XOs more popular?
I have the Behringer active crossover. It made a world of difference with my maggie 3.5's. However, it was a very time consuming process to dial everything in just right. In the end it was weel worth it. 
NAD 3140 - I know nothing
I actualyy own this amp. I used to have a manual, but seem to have lost it in a move. I believe that it is rated at 35-40 Watts into 8 ohms. I only used it as a pre-amp for the time it was in my system. I plan on taking it out of storage as soon a... 
Eagles Concert Guitar Player
Don't know, but it sure was great in widesceen high-def. If only the Indy 500 was... 
Why don't kids nowadays know about Jazz and classi
I agree whole heartedly with Hack. I have a 2 year old, and from the time he was born, I have always made it a point to listen to ALL kinds of music every day with him. He danced before he walked. My father is the one who got me into Jazz and Mowt... 
Does anyone do good protest music anymore?
I'd mention some rap acts, but all I've read here is how all of you hate rap. 
from 87db to 90 db ?
I'm not positive, but I think an active crossover may raise the sensitivity. 
Magnepan Speakers - Ribbon Replacement
The number one killer of maggie ribbons is a clipping under-powered amp. My 3.5's are over 10 years old, and I've never had a problem...and by the way I listen to them loud.