Non-Copy Controlled Coldplay X&Y

I need help finding where I can obtain a copy of Coldplay X&Y without the dreaded Copy Controlled protection. The Copy Controlled disc (Canadian version) doesn't play on my emmlabs CD transport without crackling and poping noises.

Does the American version or UK version have the CC logo on the disc and/or packaging ?
Thanks for the heads up Thom

Was going to purchase this today but forget it now.

You are going to be running into this a lot. I would definately let emmlabs know so they can correct this issue for you...

I spoke with emmlabs this afternoon and they said the problem is an interaction between the Cactus layer of copy protection and the Philips software/hardware. They said two possible solutions: depending upon the software version of the CDSD, a more recent software update may correct the problem. Alternatively, they recommended removing the Cactus copy protection by burning a copy of the original CD using CDclone, which can remove the offending Cactus layer and do a direct bit to bit transfer of the music data. Unfortunately, this means that you have to duplicate your disc and use a CD-R which may be more prone to scratching etc.

I wait to hear back from emmlabs.

I just imported my ColdPlay into iTunes with Zero issues which means it is NOT copy protected. There have been other albums I have that will not load up with protection such as Kasabian and Velvet Revolver which act like you described when trying to import.

UK version does it again. I returned my Canadian version of X&Y to HMV without much question (there's a scam right there if you wanted !!!) I could have just kept the clone I made using CloneCD, Instead, I ordered the UK version of X&Y on and four days later I now have a disc that I can play on my emmlabs. The package doesn't have the Copy COntrolled logo, yet it doesn't have the CD logo either. Nonetheless, it plays flawlessly without the static. I also get the impression that the overall sound is better too, but I can't be sure.
Copy-protected CDs that don't play or don't play correctly. DualDiscs that literally get stuck in many players. How long until we have some scheme where the disc "occassionally" blows up when you hit Play?

So far, I've managed to not purchase a single copy-protected CD, an objective I plan to adhere to, and so far I've only had to pass on a very occassional CD I wanted based on it being copy protected. With basically every other industry falling all over themselves to try to attract / keep my attention and business, I will continue to be fascinated to see how quickly the music industry can get me to quit purchasing a couple hundred titles a year.