A clue for the clueless

If you are going to use the Auction route to sell your item, do not list it with a reserve at or near the normal sales price. Hello...an auction means you will let the market decide. Sure, put a reserve on it, but that should be a low safety net price, not full value.

Man I see this often. Some clueless person lists their item for auction starting at $0. It gets tons of bids, but never gets past the reserve. Figure it out people. That's not an auction, now is it. If you want top dollar, list it as a regular classified and then wait 6 months for the perfect buyer. Sheesh!
Agreed. I'd also add that, when you take pictures of your item, LOOK AT THEM BEFORE YOU UPLOAD THEM. If they are blurry, take more pictures. If all you have is a crappy cellphone camera, buy or borrow a decent camera to take them. Try to get plenty of light on the gear before taking the picture so that you don't have to use a flash. Finally, clean the item before taking the picture. I saw a pair of (very nice) speakers the other day and the bases looked like they had never been dusted. Psychologically this has a huge impact on a buyer's perception of the condition of your gear. Dick
Jax and Dick got it right. Sometimes I'm amazed at some listings where they use someone else's pictures or stock pictures. Also too how some sellers just use 1 picture or none at all is amazing to me. Pretty much every phone has a camera today that is quite good. A'gon also includes 3 or 4 pics at no charge. People should take advantage of that.

My other peeve are the one line descriptions. I'm not saying write a 15 page essay but some basic details would be enough.
I like the pictures of $5k amps sitting outside on a paver sidewalk.
This is Audiogon, clueless sellers and buyers abound.
An addition peeve about pictures in ads -- why bother to take pictures and then post them without rotating them to the proper vertical or horizontal orientation? It seems to happen amazingly often so I should be used to it and yet every time I see a vertical picture lying on its side it drives me nuts.
I personally don't view the auctions when I log on. IMO the seller is not serious about selling, but fishing. I especially like pictures loaded sideways. Also pictures of expensive equipment on a dingy couch irk me.
THe issues raised, when they are present in an ad.. allow folks to spot the idiots. Why do you guys want the idiots to fix the stupid problems? Then if they fix those issues you will no longer know right off you are dealing with an idiot.
I say let them create the ad or auction any way they want. Then one can see right off: "this seller is an idiot". and pass on by. If you got the idiots to make their ads or auctions seem great, and only later during a purchse discover the seller is an idiot.. isn't that a lot worse?
That is my take on the issues discussed.
Elizabeth is right men. My plan WAS to draw pictures of my amps using crayons. But now I got the clue; and you’ll have to read my forum posts to find out that I’m an idiot.
Realizing you are an idiot is the first step of a 12-step program...I am on step 3.

I have a question for the OP, or anyone else who knows, is the originator of an auction allowed to accept the high bid, even if it doesn't meet their reserve?
Liz is right but I wouldn't pass on a good deal because the seller is not experienced in the ways of selling on A.G. The worse the add the less competition you will have when dealing on a product and likely realize a better price.

Years ago we went to look at a used Levinson amp in a near by town. When we went into the house we found the owner also bred expensive F1 cats. When we went into his music room we found two small cats curled up and sleeping on the amp. My young daughter who came along for the ride was extremely happy with the purchase, until she started loading the cats into the car and found out they weren't part of the deal, cried all the way home and well into the night. We returned the following day and collected the two critters.
Wow i didnt know that Dude!!
Well, I know Jax was just blowing off a little steam and so was I really. But in the end we were trying to help the inexperienced sellers too. So much for this being a COMMUNITY of hobbyists. I personally think that having equipment listed with appropriate, informative descriptions and detailed pictures at reasonable prices ultimately helps us ALL - but maybe that's just my naive attitude showing through. Go ahead and pop for those $15K amps and speakers listed for $2K. You'll find they ship from a deposed Nigerian prince in exile. Better yet, just buy your gear off of fleabay. That way you can use PayPal and they can bail your lazy butt out because you didn't want to contact the seller and get to know them before buying.