845 tubes. New not old stock

My Triode Corp of Japan 845 amp will need new power tubes within the next year or so and I am curious which 845 tubes are being by used by others and how much they are liked. I currently have Psvane 845T, which sound good. These are the original version. I tried out a pair of Dragons which were not as lively as the Psvane 845T's. I am considering Psvane 845 Tii or the KR 845's. Are there any other new manufacturers making 845 tubes within the last 5 years? Unfortunately all of the NOS 845 tubes are out of my price range ($7500!). I would like to keep it under $800/matched pair. 
Thanks all
Be careful with the KR845 tubes as they do not have the same electrical parameters as the standard 845 tube. 
If you can bias the amp yourself, you have more options, but if not, it's best to stick to what you know works.  I am very happy with the Shuguang 845Bs in my Viva.  A definite step up from the stock Shuguang 845s, which are not bad IMO.  I just think the Bs have a bit more tonal color.  
Thanks for the responses. 
My amp is autobias with bias pots so I may stuck with a typical 845 parameter tube.
The transformers are really beefy on this amp, so I will check out the differences and see if I can try the KR's.
Are the KR's  more like the 211 parameters, a half way between 211's and 845's or something entirely different?

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The standard 845 filament current is 3.25 amps whereas the KR845 tube has a filament voltage of 1.0 amp
I bought Shuguang WE 845 tubes for my Cary 805 AE amps at $400 pair from China.  I am very satisfied with the sound compared to the stock tube from Cary. Much bigger sound stage and magical mid. I was also contemplating Psavane WE 805 which is very well reviewed and would cost ~$750.
Anyone try the Shuguang black bottles?

There are exactly 2 factories in the world that make 845s: Shuguang and KR.
There are exactly 2 factories in the world that make 845s: Shuguang and KR

Don't forget Elrog
Has anyone had 2017 experience with Elrog?  I would like to try them, but the data I've found online is mostly from their early days and it was hard to tell if the troubled ones simply failed, or failed and caused amp issues (I never read definitively that the latter happened to anyone, and I also realize it's based on amp design too and the amp's fault handling capabilities).

If so, where did you buy them?
I have a collection of six dead Elrogs. Purchased them through the years. Wish Elrog would get their " stuff " together because they were great  tubes. I am currently running the Psvane 845WE's and I am pleased with them.
I would have to say that the Sophia 845 MK3 are also nice tubes. In my system, the Psvane's have a more controlled,  refined sound to them and in the same system, the Sophia's have a slight tubby sound to them. Both are good tubes. When the time comes for me to replace, I'll go with another pair of the Psvane 845WE's.
i have 4, 845 elrogs built this year and they are absolutely fabulous - can't say enuff good things about them.  i too have the same amps as the OP.

i purchased all direct from Thomas Mayer and find the service wonderful 

sorry if i sound like a fan boy - but i really love them  

I love my Triode also. Really a great integrated. My Psvane 845t, first generation, are nice, but getting old. We listen 10-20 hours a week. Not sure if this posting has helped me make a decision, but, I do have some more info. I appreciate everyone’s input. 
I have had the Psvane 845T MKII and WE845. I would recommend the Psvane WE845 tubes. They sound wonderful in my system.


Happy listening!

What track is this?

The track is Improvisation by Ron Tutt. The disc is The Sheffield Drum Record /The Sheffield Track Record. It is a very good recording.

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I have Elrogs I bought about 4 months ago and I love them too, but they sound better in my Thoress mono blocks than they do in the Melody 845 integrated I also own.  Not bad in the Melody, but I think I actually prefer the regular 845a's in that--the Elrogs and Shuguang 845bs kind of sound a little too forward to me in the Melody.

The Elrogs are the best sounding 845s I own (including the Melody branded ones) in my Thoress by a good margin.  Very, very nuanced relatively speaking, and the other 3 sets all sound very good already.  Better microdynamics and finesse, but still ballsy when they need to be.  I suppose they should be at $1800 a pair or whatever they cost.

I, of course, hope they last.  I probably only have 150 hours on them so far.
I’m using a full set (including driver) of these Sino 845 tubes in my Triode Corp TRX-M845 amps. https://www.tubedepot.com/products/sino-845-power-vacuum-tube

They sound great and are a favorite of the Viva amp guys. Very inexpensive considering the quality.
Thanks chumsusi