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Does a tube need the break-in hours?
in my experience short answer yes, but it varies wildly with diff tubes and diff brands  
Bel canto monoblocks and power cables
i have 3 ref 1000m amps across my front in a HT configuration. I have used Crystal Cable, Siltech and now Purist Audio Designs (Neptune). I can def attest to a change in the tonality as i moved across the power cords. it may be that the power cord... 
845 tubes. New not old stock
i have 4, 845 elrogs built this year and they are absolutely fabulous - can't say enuff good things about them.  i too have the same amps as the OP.i purchased all direct from Thomas Mayer and find the service wonderful sorry if i sound like a fan... 
Modern Processors, What to DO?!?
in my system i had a new Marantz. It lasted about 2 weeks and was replaced with a Cary processor. vvvv musical worth a try if u can get one  
Warm Sounding Cable
i second the Purist Audio 
Classe SSP-800 - Time to move on?
rshad i was in a similar but different situation 18 months ago. I redid my HT and went with Marantz processor and Bel Canto monos for power. To cut a long story short i finally ended up with a Cary processor. Does way less compared to the Marantz ... 
Best integrated amp for Marten Miles 5
It's a bit out there but I had a spec class d integrated from Japan in my system and it was great. Very valve like. Also  what about Modwright  
Best integrated amp for Marten Miles 5
marten's accuton ceramic drivers will expose any leaness or brightness however small that lay in ur system chain i have coltrane 3 speakers and went from sia 25 to sm 011 monos to different brand valve monos. I think solid state will always sound ... 
Finding a matching center channel
centre channel is the most important speaker in a HT. Ur ears are very sensitive to the frequencies that voices span.if u can nail the mids and get a good sub then ur done as far as i am concerned.i use sonus faber cremona floor standers and centr... 
Absolare vs Zanden
thx Butler  
Mixing rca interconnect cables
i agree with your dealer- i use PAD neptune across the front and for power cords across all front monos and processor.for rears I use bottom of the range tara lab and STOCK black power cord on stereo amp for the rears  
Taralabs cables
they are about 50 watts with 845's - pure class a, made in japan, 58kg 
Help: Do Subwoofer Cables make a difference in Sub Sound?
absolutely!i have a dedicated Siltech subwoofer cable called "The Abyss". When i installed it i had to turn down the sub level it was that of the best if not the best cable upgrades I've ever had  
Taralabs cables
No. I've compared to jorma prime and pad Neptune.  
Taralabs cables
yes - zero gold gen 2