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Taralabs cables
siltech ruby double crown power cords,PAD Neptune Power cords,  Siltech golden eagle double crown digital, PAD Neptune interconnects and Tara Labs Zero Gold Get 2 interconnects 
Taralabs cables
no - had to chose one or the running Marten Coltrane 3, Triode TRX M845 monos, Junone refence preamp, and Vitus Masterpiece dac and seperate transport. All on CMS Maxxum rack  
Taralabs cables
the Omega Evolution SP's are the quietest cables i have had. Dead silent and inky blacks. They also have this spaciousness that seems to wrap around you - other than that the main sense i get with these cables is a sense of calmness - voices sound... 
Taralabs cables
just got a set of Omega Evolution SP speaker cables. Picked them up on Saturday. So far they are sounding fabulous - they replaced Jorma Statement  
Reference level DAC + Streamer
I'm using a Vitus MP Dac fed by an Ayon S10 streamersounds great  
Tube Physics Question
or maybe the the KT120's were at the end of their life? 
Tube Power Amp Suggestions
Bigdish i would say you are spot on with ur assessments so far, except for lack of dynamics on the SET.  I would urge you to seek out a more powerful SET so you can get that great purity and 'jump out and touch you' realism that only SETs can offe... 
Purist audio Neptune cables
Neptunes are all that . They are rich through the midrange , good bass, airy and sweet top end and startling spaciousness and clarity without any grain or table fatigue.My current favourites in my system.  I also have Siltech Triple Crown, Jorma O... 
Which 3.5mm to Stereo RCA Cables for Cary SLP-03 Preamp
try the crystal cable ....   using it into the back of Cary Sli80 - works a treat