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Your favorite male soul voices
Gotta add David Clayton Thomas 
Highest detail cartridges
MM, my money is on Audio Note IQ3.  
Liquid Amps
This is definitely the most liquid looking amp. It is the Von Gaylord Uni. 
Like the new look to audiogon ?
Fisheye thumbnail view is useless. I find myself leaving the site because it is so hard to see and find anything. Searches are also directing potential buyers to things other than they searched for. The free place down the block is looking better. 
nos tube suggestions for manley chinook
I have the Amperex 7308 gold pins in my Chinook and it is a huge jump from the EH stock tubes.  They are not cheap, but as we all know, there is no turning back. 
How much power can a pair of Klipsch La Scalas take ?
I used to be a sound man for a wedding band and we played big venues with a 10k watt 3 way system. On the jobs where we would be in a smaller <300 person wedding, we used a single Crest 1000w amp with La Scalas. The amp had trim pots on th rear... 
Schiit not shipping
Maybe just constipation. Give them a heavy dose of Miralax and everyone will get their Schiit all at once.i would also like to state that I have affiliation, professional or otherwise with Miralax. 
The New Western Electric 845 Replicas
I just ordered the Shu Guang WE845 tubes from and am awaiting their arrival. eBay has a lot of sellers, but Tube-Sale offers a 1year warrantee where the eBay sellers typically offer only 30 days. Additionally, Tube-Sale claims to go ... 
Oppo Ceasing production
I can’t help but wonder if this is the result of the impending tariff war between the US and China / Parent company and subsidiary. Likely not the only reason but maybe the final nail in the coffin. I will miss them but hope that this void gets fi... 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
(Not the OP but thought I would chime in)I use my AN 3.1 balanced for master quality Tidal and it sounds much better than any of the red book cds I play. With this DAC, supposedly everything gets squashed down to 16/44.1, but it will still play 24... 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
Jozurr,I have compared my AN 3.1 balanced to my Oppo BDP105D modded by EVS. The mods made a huge improvement over the stock unit but, in the end, the AN just had a more real, “being there” sound, at least to me. I would listen to the AN if possibl... 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
A used Audio Note 3 series tube DACs  may be a good choice for you, and obtainable for your $3k budget. It has up to 96/192 rate and, to my ear, just sounds right.   
Magico A3
I recently went on a tour of the Magico factory in Hayward Ca. and it was amazing to see the work that goes into these speakers. The machined aluminum enclosures alone are a piece of art before finishing and populating the driver holes. The tour a... 
845 tubes. New not old stock
I love my Triode also. Really a great integrated. My Psvane 845t, first generation, are nice, but getting old. We listen 10-20 hours a week. Not sure if this posting has helped me make a decision, but, I do have some more info. I appreciate everyo... 
Looking for a reasonably priced good quality interconnect
I have an Oppo bdp105d and use Morrow MA6 with Eichmans. I found them used on Agon for about $500. They replaced my MA3s and showed a great improvement. Fantastic cables for the price new and a steal used if you can find them. The MA3s are still g...