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Swap out 12bz7 in favor of 12ax7?
I have not tried the 12ax7 tubes, but you can do it. I also have a V12R and have just installed nos 12bz7's. The amp responds well to changes to these and the el84's, as well as the power tubes. I just spoke with Mark at Cary and he suggests keepi... 
Oppo Customer Service Review
Best experience after having to deal with Cary Audio Design 
Can the copy sound better than the original?
Digital error correction, which all digital processing must have, will make or break the sound. If there was no correction, the playback would fail within the first 100ms. Most manufacturers do not do a good job in the area of error correction. So... 
Who has dumped the power conditioner?
One or two other things I noticed with regards to power and sound quality...I recently had the power coming into my house from the pole redone. We had a pole in front of the neighbors house rot out at the bottom and it had to be replaced. As part ...